What is real cider


The Greeks and Romans were already familiar with apple wine, even if not the Hessian one. The Teutons, however, preferred mead, honey wine.

Fruit wine has a tradition wherever grape production was difficult due to the climate or the soil. It is often referred to as cider, sweet apple wine with a higher alcohol content.

In Hesse, cider is made in the traditional way without adding sugar and with complete fermentation. The Hessian cider therefore only has around 5.5% alcohol and thus, in contrast to wine made from grapes, has an alcohol content of 9% to 14% % has significantly less alcohol. In contrast to the French cider, the Hessian apple wine only slightly pearls.

In addition, the apple cider contains only a few calories. It is therefore also considered a diet drink. In addition, apple cider is said to have a vasodilating effect, a stimulation of blood circulation and a digestive regulating effect.

Like other wines, cider can also be preserved by adding chemical agents. Traditionally, however, this is done with a very low percentage of sour fruits, which make the cider clear and long-lasting. One of the traditional fruits for this is the service tree, which is not an apple, but a fruit from the mountain ash family.

The cider is often seen as a pure soft drink, especially when it is "splashed". On the contrary, it is a real fruit wine that - properly pressed - is a purely natural product. Correctly pressed, apple wine tastes like acid, but not more bitter than any other wine.