What is team spirit

Promoting team spirit: This is how a department becomes a team

People who work on something in a company are far from forming a team - most should know this from their own painful experience. But they can be. The keywords are called Team spirit and team development. With these Methods and exercises awaken the team spirit in your employees and promote a fruitful working atmosphere.

Promote team spirit: this is how it works

Team spirit is a prerequisite and basis for all teamwork. It is therefore essential in team development and team building that Promote team spirit. At the beginning it can be helpful to clarify the question, which at first glance seems quite banal: What is team spirit?

At the individual level, team spirit is the willingness and ability to to work constructively with others to achieve a goal. Team spirit is not a separate characteristic, but a bundle of communicative and social skills at both the employee and management level.

4 important tips for team development

team building

A team is not created as a dictation from above, but has to be built up: the team members are personalities who get to know each other and their roles and have to develop mutual trust. This does not mean that they all have to become good friends, but they should be mutually exclusive in their clearly defined functions respect and support (How to successfully cope with conflicts in the workplace). In order for the roles within the team to be carried out effectively and in a focused manner, one of course is required good structure and organizationwho, in addition to distributing the areas of responsibility, also ensured that the team was neither too big nor too small.

Formulate team goals

If you want to turn a department into a team, everyone has to pull together, so know the direction. It is essential that common and individual goals are formulated. It is often worthwhile to call out intermediate goals that are easier and faster to achieve. In order to strengthen team development and teamwork or to keep it at a high level, a constant exchange of information and flexible action indispensable: What is the current status, where is the problem, who needs support? In this way, problems can be identified and undesirable developments can be quickly rectified before they really take effect. Regular meetings also help to promote team spirit.

Responsibility and motivation

A good team is characterized by the fact that its members are not only responsible for their own area of ​​responsibility, but also for the overall success of the team feel responsible.

This is achieved not only through precise target specifications and a pleasant working atmosphere, but above all through motivation that promotes team spirit - a task for managers. Employee motivation ranges from recognition and appreciation to trust-building and experience-oriented team building activities. Which methods are best suited for team development depends on the team and the area of ​​responsibility. Last but not least: Celebrate successes together! This also applies to important interim results.

Avoid classic mistakes in team development

As a team leader, you should make sure that you and others in your team avoid classic mistakes that stand in the way of team development and team success. At the top of the list are the qualities of arrogance and ignorance, which experienced bosses and employees like to cultivate. In order to promote team spirit and to achieve the pursued goal, it takes Vigilance towards one's own fallacies: Nobody is infallible, sometimes others know better and just because something has always been that way doesn't mean that things couldn't be better today. In addition, as a team leader, you should ensure that everyone - especially you - adhere to the rules that apply in the team or that have been mutually agreed. Double standards are not conducive to team spirit.

Promoting team spirit is the way to team development

Success is teamwork, because together you can achieve more.

The fact that this has been known for a long time does not take away from the topicality and relevance of this guiding principle - mainly because it is far too rarely actually implemented to this day. With these first steps you can promote team spirit in your department and achieve goals more efficiently - try it out, it's worth it!

What is your experience of promoting team spirit? We are looking forward to your comments!

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