Are people interested in the first impression?

Application tips for young professionals (3): Score with the first impression

Especially before the very first interview dates of their lives, young professionals are unsettled. But you too can win with the first impression of the HR manager or boss. We'll tell you how.

It only takes a few seconds to get a first impression. Is me a person sympathetic? Do I think they are competent? Do I want to get to know this person better? In interviews in particular, a few brief moments can decide whether you will get a job or not. For you as a young professional, too, this means that you can score with a good first impression.

Punctuality and an appropriate appearance

An important principle for you to make a good impression is punctuality. Do not arrive too late for an interview and plan enough time for your journey so that train cancellations or traffic jams cannot harm you. Find out the best way to get to your interview location so that you don't run into time pressure when things get serious. You should also think about the right clothing in advance. Inquire about whether the company has one Dress code gives. Take a close look at the company's website. If you only see people in a business look, you should also appear in a suit or costume. If you know an employee of the company personally, it is worth asking him which clothing is appropriate. Another point that you shouldn't ignore is the issue odor. If we can't smell someone, that means we don't like them. Indeed, the smell of a person determines whether we like them or not. Cigarette smoke and the smell of sweat, but also too strong a perfume, create a negative impression. Therefore, if possible, do without the cigarette before the appointment, pay attention to good personal hygiene and make a decision against heavy perfumes.

Correct body language

Also play an equally important role when it comes to first impressions Body language and facial expressions:
  • Crossed legs: Although this position is comfortable, it should be avoided in an interview. Because that's how you make yourself smaller than you are. However, if you place your feet next to each other, you will appear more present and secure.
  • Drooping shoulders: Insecurity and nervousness are often visible through sloping shoulders. So stand and sit up straight.
  • Playing with your hands: When we are nervous, we often tend to play with our fingers. This can also be seen as a sign of uncertainty. So concentrate on keeping your hands steady.
  • The Dodging looks: Look your counterpart in the eye for a confident first impression. If you look past your interlocutor permanently and do not look directly at him, this will appear insecure or disinterested.
  • Another important aspect: Smile Because a friendly facial expression is not only well received by the person you are talking to. You can also take the tension off yourself by smiling. Because with this mouth movement you signal to your brain that you are comfortable. And that is also reflected in your charisma.
But not just your body language and facial expressions, yours too Idiom and your language are decisive for the impression you convey. So speak slowly and clearly. Interesting is: What we say is far less important for the first impression than how. And so your voice in particular contributes to the first impression. Many people tend to speak very softly and in higher pitches in unsafe situations. Lower voices usually appear more competent and personable. If you naturally have a higher voice, it is still important not to pretend. So try to get one adequate volume and a consistent pitch.Text: Daniela Luka├čen-Held
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