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Euro pallets deposit & sale

Do you still have pallets left over from construction or renovation work on your house or apartment and are wondering where to put them?

The simplest solution seems to be to return it to the company that delivered the pallets. But simply inserting the pallets and bringing them back is hardly possible due to the enormous dimensions. In addition, a few things should be considered beforehand. For example, are they real Euro pallets or just one-way pallets?

The latter can usually not be returned, but must be disposed of or otherwise processed. Various ideas of what you can build with the leftover pallets can be found in our DIY instructions for pallet furniture.

You can recognize a "real" Euro pallet by the verification by EPAL. You can usually find the lettering on one of the wooden blocks on the side. If your pallets are marked with the logo, you can assume that they are real.

Euro pallets have a size that is precisely defined in accordance with the European standard (EN 13698-1). For standard EUR 1 pallets, this is 120 x 80 x 14.4 cm. The weight of the Euro pallet is 20-24 kg, depending on the moisture level of the wood.

Euro pallets deposit & exchange

If you now want to return the pallet, you should first look in the delivery note of your delivery, with which the respective pallet was delivered. Often it says in these whether a Euro plate deposit has been charged or whether the pallet has been sold to you directly in the price is included. If the Euro pallet deposit is noted, it can be returned to this company.

Depending on the goodwill, the company will even pick up the corresponding pallets itself. In return, you will receive the deposit on the delivery note. This is usually between 10-20 €, with some companies even well above. However, if the pallets are in a worse condition than they were at the time of delivery, the company can ask for a discount.

Euro pallet deposit - This deposit principle is also known as the "Cologne system"

With most transport companies it is common that a 1 to 1 swap can be made. This means that if you get a new delivery together with a certain number of Euro pallets, you can give the same number to the supplier in exchange.

In most cases there is no deposit. This is particularly useful if you still have pallets at home that you can exchange directly. However, these pallets should be in approximately the same condition as the one you received.

Euro pallets deposit & sale - This instant exchange principle is called the "Bonn system"

However, if the delivery note states that the pallet was also purchased, it can be more difficult to return it. There is a right of return, but this is limited in time. Therefore, in this case you should contact the respective company directly and ask whether an exchange is possible.

Sale to pallet dealers

If the exchange is not possible or you no longer have proof of receipt of your pallets, another option would be to sell to verified ones Pallet dealer close to you. However, these usually offer much lower prices than the original purchase or deposit price.

The acceptance prices can vary depending on the condition and dealer between € 2 and € 5 lie. Selling to dealers is usually less worthwhile. Especially because you often have to bring the pallets over yourself. You should inquire directly with the dealer whether it is possible to collect the goods.

The last and usually simplest alternative would be personal use, for example for pieces of furniture. These not only look chic and are very practical, they can also be made extremely easily and without much prior knowledge. You can find various ideas for using your old pallets here.

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