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Technical terms from elevator technology from A to Z: Letter T - U

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Letter T

Control panel with buttons for transferring commands to the controller. The stop is selected via the inside panel, the outside panel is used to bring the elevator car. Various additional functions such as door-close buttons, call coding or TFT displays offer additional convenience. See also TFT screen.
  • Partial entertainment - see: Maintenance
  • TFT screen (thin-film-transistor-display)
Describes the technology for LCD screens. The latest state of the art are AMOLED information displays, which are also known as TFT screens. All functions of a flat screen are possible. From a simple travel direction display to information and news via an Internet connection. Name for the national German set of rules for elevators (the technical rules for elevators). These have been replaced by the European standards. See EN European standards. The load capacity denotes the maximum payload of an elevator car. This is regulated by DIN EN 81-20. The following load capacity levels are available for passenger elevators: 320 kg, 450 kg, 630 kg, 1000 kg, 1275 kg, 1600 kg, 1800 kg, 2000 kg and 2500 kg. An average weight of 75 kg per person is assumed. Because only with a load capacity of 630 kg you can transport strollers and wheelchairs and from 1000 kg stretchers or furniture. This means that bed elevators have a load capacity of at least 1275 kg. In the case of traction sheave elevators (rope elevators), the suspension element is the umbrella term for the steel wire ropes commonly used. Alternative suspension means are chains, belts, tapes, fiber ropes or hybrid elements.

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= Technical rules for safety glazing (e.g. for shaft scaffolding, panoramic elevators). Calculatively and practically verifiable size for optimal power transmission between the suspension element (e.g. steel wire rope) and the traction sheave in rope elevators. The driving ability depends on the pretensioning force, wrap angle and friction value.
  • Traction sheave elevator - see rope elevator and engine

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Drive too. There are different types of elevator drives that have to be checked depending on the elevator's performance in order to find an economical and optimal solution for the elevator system. 1. Hydraulic power unit With the hydraulic drive, the cabin is moved upwards by one or more pistons when the oil pressure is increased. The pistons are also anchored in the bottom of the shaft. And the oil from the motor and pump is pumped into the pistons by means of a hydraulic line. No energy is required when going down. Because the oil is pushed back again due to the force of gravity in the cabin, checked and controlled by appropriate valves. If the pistons are directly connected to the cabin, it is a direct hydraulic drive. The indirect hydraulic drive transmits the power to the cabin through pulleys and ropes. A hydraulic power unit is not suitable for high delivery heights. Advantages: - very economical at lower delivery heights; - Structural advantage, the engine can also be housed remotely.

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  2. Traction sheave drive with gearbox Electric drive, consisting of motor, traction sheave, suspension element, counterweight, with / without frequency control. a) with worm gear: translation and power transmission between motor and traction sheave through a worm gear. The gear consists of the worm wheel, a special form of helical gear, and the spindle. b) with helical worm gear or double worm gear: Also worm gear, with an additional upstream spur gear or a second worm gear; results in a significantly higher degree of efficiency than the pure worm gear and is particularly smooth and quiet. c) with planetary gear: translation and power transmission between motor and traction sheave through a planetary gear. Also called epicyclic gears. Several cogwheels revolve around a central cogwheel, rotating on axes, which is reminiscent of our solar system and led to this name. d) V-belt drives were introduced in the 1960s, but are no longer installed today due to the large amount of space required and the relatively rapid wear of the V-belts. In general, the following applies to gear types a to c: Suitable for travel speeds up to 2m / s Advantages: - high driving comfort with low energy consumption - entry with millimeter precision and automatic readjustment of level differences when loading and unloading

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  3. Traction sheave engine without gearbox The rotor of the electric motor is directly connected to the traction sheave, which is why it is also called a gearless drive. This drive is suitable for high speeds of up to 12.5 m / s and is particularly quiet. This engine also offers high ride comfort and optimal stopping accuracy and is also characterized by low energy consumption. Traction sheave drives are generally available with or without frequency control. The modern processor control with a modern frequency control offers many advantages: - Jerk-free and stepless regulation of driving speed and stopping process. - Optimization of the driving comfort and the approach accuracy - maximizes the achievable driving speed, minimizes the waiting time. See also pole changing. Cabin doors are opened and closed with a separate electric motor and a control. Thus, the control regulates the opening speed and travel curve of the door according to the presetting. In addition, the shaft end doors are operated together with the car door without their own drive.

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Letter U

If the nominal load is exceeded by more than 10% and at least by 75 kg, this is referred to as overload. Furthermore, the elevator does not leave the stop and indicates the situation acoustically or optically. See also load measurement.
  • Overload indicator - see overload
This is the duration of a full trip with stops from the lowest to the highest stop and back to the starting point. The rollers made of gray cast iron or plastic (e.g. cast polyamide) are used in cable elevators to divert the suspension equipment (cables) from the counterweight to the car suspension according to the arrangement of the drive mechanism. In addition, they should rotate as straight as possible and without twisting in order to keep wear to a minimum. Special freight elevator without passenger transport. The underground elevator is used when the upper stop cannot be secured by a fence. Areas of application are the development of basement rooms, as well as the sinking of garbage containers and cars. Underfloor lifts have an attached canopy that closes the pit opening. These elevators have a limited load capacity and a limited number of stops, usually only one. They are driven hydraulically, e.g. by a scissor lift table.

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