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He's almost 100% after his ACL surgery.

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After undergoing two ACL reconstructive surgeries in as many years and spending more time talking about his rehab than his highlight-reel plays over the past two seasons, Marko ...
After going through two ACL reconstructive Operations in so many years and spending more time talking about his rehab than his highlight reel plays in the last two seasons, Marko ...
One of my home lenders sued me. I went back to jail again. I goal my ACL and spent two years injured or rehabbing from surgery.
I went back to jail. I ripped mine ACL and spent two years injured or from the surgery rehabbing.
He underwent surgery on his left knee to repair his ACL the Friday before Clemson's bowl game against Oklahoma.
The 22-year-old of the ski club in Waldzell was diagnosed with an ACL tear in her right knee and a meniscul injury. Seifriedsberger was already transferred to Innsbruck last night where she will undergo surgery today.
This was the result of an examination in the Hochrum sanatorium in Innsbruck, where the 22-year-old was operated on on Saturday. "The anterior cruciate ligament and the outer meniscus were restored," said the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV).
Anders Jacobsen - FIS Anders Jacobsen, who suffers from knee problems since he tore his ACL when he fell in Planica in March 2013 and had to undergo another surgery in April, now plans to start jumping training again in August.
Unlike Jacobsen, who for one Cruciate ligament tear who suffered from knee problems in a fall in Planica in March 2013 and again in April operated on is now planning to start jumping again in August.
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