Where can I buy a Canaan puppy

Canaan Dog

The Canaans belong to the group of pariah dogs that can be found throughout the African-Asian region. They live near human settlements, tolerated by humans, but not promoted or fed. They are useful to primitive peoples as they destroy all organic waste. Canaans still live in packs in the desert today. If Bedouins need a guard dog for their camp or a herding dog for their sheep, they look for a wild bitch who will raise their puppies in a cave, throwing a piece of bread for her now and then until they have chosen the strongest male puppy to be their camp in the future will guard. Cynologically, the pariah dogs belong to the Spitz family, the oldest dog family in the world. Thousands of years old petroglyphs show such dogs as hunting assistants. In the course of time, the original type of Spitz adapted to the situation of its respective environment. The Canaan dog is the further developed form of the Spitz type in today's Israel. The Canaans still have strong survival instincts, which makes them intelligent, independent and very careful dogs. The Canaan breed has been re-domesticated by pariah dogs living in the wild, namely by Rudolphina Menzel, a canine behaviorist and cynologist who emigrated from Vienna to Palestine in the 1930s. She took some home and was surprised at how easily they were domesticated and trained. They were lively and affectionate. Prof. Menzel named them Canaan dogs after the biblical land of Canaan and campaigned for them to be recognized as a breed.