Who invented the wishing well?

Sylvanian Families Shopping Mall Wishing Well Gift Set 6022

The harmonious and idyllic place Sylvanian Village is hidden deep in the forest. The Sylvanian Families live there in their lovingly furnished houses. They value friendships and treat each other with respect. In Sylvanian Village there is something new to discover and experience every day: a family trip to the glittering lake, a barbecue party in your own garden or a trip in a motorhome. The cute toy collection around the velvety animal figures has made children's hearts beat faster in around 50 countries for almost 30 years. Because in addition to the animal dolls with movable arms and legs, which have their origin in Japan, detailed buildings and houses as well as furniture and accessories are available. Thanks to various theme worlds, Sylvanian Families gives children the opportunity to imitate everyday situations such as shopping, vacation, work and kindergarten in a playful way. The figures, available in Germany and Austria since 2011, are based on the three principles of “family”, “nature” and “love”. Children are familiar with these and so they learn in an imaginative way how to deal with one another and with one's nature. Sylvanian Families promotes social behavior and role behavior in a playful way. Sylvanian Families products are suitable for children aged 3 and over and offer a wide range of homes, shops, furniture and other exciting accessories. Detailed figures stimulate the senses with their velvety surface and thanks to their realistic workmanship, imitating everyday situations is twice as much fun. The houses can be set up as you like and the figures can be put on and taken off. In this way, the individual creativity and imagination of the children is spurred and they can invent their own stories and act out with the Sylvanian Families. All products can be combined with each other and ensure unlimited fun.