Why does my ex keep texting me

Ex sends irrelevant SMS and emails - what's the point?

Hello dear people,

I wrote my story here some time ago.
(-> leaving due to lack of passion ")

The whole thing again here in short form:

- 4 years long-distance relationship (400 km), meeting every 2-3 weeks
- I 39, he 42
- in the last year of the relationship, on his part, hardly any desire for S.
- resulting in dwindling self-confidence / bad mood in me
- but otherwise very harmonious and humorous relationship
- last vacation complete like brother and sister - bad for me
- by the way: afterwards, landline and mobile phone occupied again and again
- on June 20th he broke up by phone
- Explanation "Zero passion and no need to get physical"
- Multiple inquiries showed that he met someone
- but there was nothing but kisses, because he supposedly didn't want that
- met when and where: I don't know

That was almost three weeks ago now. Worst of my life so far. I feel a little better now.
I try to do a lot, have lived completely back with my parents for 10 days and am making progress in realizing the futility of our relationship. A partnership without S. cannot work.

I still love him, of course, but I'm really willing to let go.

The state of affairs with regard to interim contact is that I made two more purely factual email contact about items to be returned.
But they were really written without any emotion.
He answered just as matter-of-factly until everything was settled.

Otherwise there has been no contact between us so far.
I also do not know whether he is actually with this woman by now. I also try to think about it as little as possible. That would just pull me down completely.

But now he's starting to make strange attempts at contact.

From time to time he comments on my posts on FB. But that doesn't bother me any further, nor does it set me back. It's too irrelevant for that.
I find it silly to delete him from FB and somehow not appropriate for a grown woman. As I said, I don't mind that because they're just such joke comments anyway.

On Sunday morning I got a strange, inconsequential text message in which he drew my attention to a television documentary that was currently running that might interest me. I only casually replied on Monday morning "program missed, was on the way". Which, by the way, was.
I've been out all weekend.

Then came another email in which he made me aware of the continuation of the program in question next Sunday.
I wrote "I already read that in the program booklet. Thank you".

Then another email with another program note.
But then I didn't answer any more. I was too stupid.

Now my question to you: WHAT PLEASE DO THAT?
Isn't that completely threadbare, or am I getting it wrong?
What does he want to aim or provoke with it?
Is that supposed to be some kind of test?
Does he just want to calm his guilty conscience?

I am now wondering whether I should explicitly ask him again to block all contacts or not?

I honestly want to come across as calm, confident, and thoughtful. My answers are always very, very factual and self-confident, I think. Kind of like "You, I'm really fine without you. I'm enjoying my life."

If I write to him now that I cannot get over him without total KS, it will look so suffering and hurt again.
I am, too, but I don't want him to feel it.
I want at least a hint of respect for me.

It's enough for me to have been so physically rejected.
I don't even feel right as a woman anymore.
I don't have to make myself mentally small in front of him.

Anyway, the thought that he is having a great time, freshly in love, is enough for me anyway. So he really shouldn't have to waste any more thought on the old story.

What would you do if you were me and how do you rate his strange behavior?

Greetings from MeMoi

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