How does Stripes AliPay support work?

Connection of the payment service Stripe to ConfTool Pro

6. Use Stripe to receive payments from China via Alipay

Alipay is a Chinese online payment platform that enables Chinese consumers to pay directly from their bank account via online transfer. It is currently the largest payment platform in the People's Republic of China. You can also use Stripe with ConfTool Pro to receive payments via Alipay from China. The Stripe transaction fees for Alipay are approx. 2.9% of the payment amount.

Before you can use Alipay, you need to activate it in the dashboard of your Stripe account.
click on "Settings" in the lower left of the main menu bar and then on "Payment methods" in the "Payments and withdrawals" column of the main menu (see Figure 15). Here you can configure which payment methods should be accepted. (Attention: ConfTool Pro does not support other payment methods besides credit card and Alipay, as each method requires a different programming). To activate Alipay as a payment method, click on the corresponding button "Activate" (see Figure 16). Please note that the payment method "Maps" must already be activatedbefore you can add Alipay as another payment method.

Now Stripe will ask you to do one Test payment via AliPay in test mode perform. You can switch between Live mode and Test mode of Stripe by using the button in the lower left corner of the main menu bar (see Figure 17). To make the test payment, enter the Stripe test key one and activate Alipay in ConfTool Pro exclusively for adminsby selecting “Only available for users with admin rights” in the “Activate Alipay per Stripe” section (see Figure 18). Now register a test user as a participant in the backend of ConfTool Pro and choose Alipay as the payment method. Then log in as this user and make a test payment with Alipay (Alipay is always activated in test mode). Finally, please remember to re-enter the Stripe live key in the ConfTool system.
After your test payment was successful in test mode, Alipay will normally be activated for Stripe's live mode some time later. The activation process can take a few hours, so please be patient. You will receive an email from Stripe Customer Service.

After you have received confirmation from Stripe that Alipay has been activated, log into your ConfTool Pro installation as an administrative user and go to:
Overview => Settings => Settings of the payment options
Scroll down to the section "Payments via Stripe" and put "Activate Alipay via Stripe" on "Yes, activated for all participants" (see Figure 18). For a final check, please create another test registration in the ConfTool system and choose Alipay as the payment method again. Then click on the payment button in ConfTool Pro to see whether the Alipay payment page is successfully called up. If the call works, you are ready to receive payments via Alipay.

Finally, please remember to delete your test payments and registrations from the ConfTool system.