Are PBN links good for SEO?

Expired + PBN Links = 20x traffic (including formula for you)

Every SEO wonders what the future of PBN links looks like - will Google be able to detect PBNs easily in five years?

Will domains built on expireds have no effect (Links of Power = 0) or will PBNs continue to work as well as they do now?

These links have been declared dead for years ... and yet we still achieve massive success today through the use of these links.

The most diverse questions and answers pulsate around in the SEO communities and masterminds - in my opinion there is only one correct answer.

The fact is: Now PBN links still work great, so why not take the effect with you?

Is it too risky for you to put the links on your site? - Then use them as tier 2 links (click here for our blog post)

We believe that PBN links, if the PBNs are set up correctly, will never have a negative effect on your site. That being said, it can happen in the future that these links will lose a lot of their value.

But right now they are still working and you should take advantage of that, if not as tier 1 links, then as tier 2 links.

In this case study we present how we have successfully used PBNs in a fresh project of ours:

Background facts:

  • The project was built on an expired domain.
  • Strong outreach links already existed
  • Domain completely irrelevant to the topic
  • 6 year old domain
  • Domain already had traffic in the past
  • English-speaking domain -> new content in German
  • Clean history

From a domain that used to be a family magazine, we built an authoritarian website in the health sector.

The site was planned at the end of January. We started with 50 articles, a completely clean onpage structure, good technical structure and also as far as E-A-T is concerned, we considered everything from the start.

In February the page was switched to index and launched with 10 forum links.

We left the page up until mid-March and observed the development, we noticed that the algorithm reacts well to the page - the keywords went up steadily.

There was no sandbox phase. That is one of the advantages of expireds.

Immediately after further analysis in March, our team added another 70 articles distributed across 2 hubs.

The domain continued to develop in the right direction and slowly broke the 100 daily visitors mark.

This is exactly where our PBN links come into play.

The site is developing and increasing in traffic, so it is exactly the right time to step up when it comes to link building.

Another benefit Expireds enjoy is that they already have strong links and trust from Google. So here we can only work perfectly from our own network and use our links.

In April we started with 2-3 PBN links a week and added 1-2 more links every 4th week.

We have placed around 70% on the root domain and 30% on selected opportunities keywords.

We have paid attention to a healthy nofollow mix with our forum links.

We designed the anchor texts very naturally and worked a lot with the brand.

Our division:

  • URL: 40%
  • Fire: 30%
  • Partial: 10%
  • Hard: 5%
  • Brand + Partial: 15%

The good development continued.

At the beginning of June we continued with one outreach link per week and placed at least three PBN links on each outreach link in order to rank the outreach articles.

We continued our own campaign with well-ranking outreach articles.

We are now following this strategy until September and are currently very close to cracking the 1000 visits a day.

This strategy works very well in the context of expireds and we have already practiced it successfully on numerous occasions.

Should you now only build each of your projects with PBN links?

No.We do not set up every one of our projects with PBNs, on the contrary, many even without them.

Sometimes we start with PBNs, later mix in outreach links and eventually swap the “gray” links for legitimate backlinks. For more sustainability and a higher multiple in the event of a possible flip.

In the end, it depends on your personal decision whether you want to link PBN links directly to your site at all. We see the whole thing relatively unproblematic in the future and do not think that PBNs will have a negative effect in the future.

We recommend bringing in a good mix, focusing on the outreach links and using PBNs for opportunity keywords or as tier 2 links.

You can still use PBNs as a powerful weapon for Tier 2 links if you don't want to place them directly on your site.

We use them primarily for our projects on expireds, as they already have Google's trust and a large link portfolio. Here we focus primarily on massive short-term successes - nothing fits this strategy better than a high-quality, tested and strong PBN.


PBNs still work and are extremely powerful in the context of expireds or for tiered link building.

We brought the project from this case study from 50 to 1000 visitors a day within 7 months and for the most part completely, only with our own network.

The site is currently in authority mode, which is why we want to publish another 100 new articles in the next steps and redirect another domain to this via 301. If you are interested in how the page continues after the redirect, please let us know in the comments below.

Finally, the formula for you:

1. Choose a suitable expired of your choice

2.20-30 publish article (page should be neatly structured)

3. Now you just let the page age a little and give 10-20 forum links to push

4. As soon as you notice that the page is accepted by the search engines and the keywords are well on the way, YOU build PBN links on the page (PBN links are only available from us via request (click here))

  • 70% on the root domain and 30% on selected opportunities keywords.
  • 2-3 PBN links a week, increase after success.
  • Forum links for the nofollow mix
  • Design anchor texts naturally

5. If the site continues to develop and is now generating income, you should invest in additional content and outreach links

Have fun repeating ☺