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End for Windows 7: It's that easy to switch

Status: 01/14/2020 6:20 p.m. | archive
No more support for Windows 7: Users can switch their computers to Windows 10 free of charge.

A computer era came to an end in mid-January 2020: Windows manufacturer Microsoft no longer provides version 7 of its operating system with security updates. Windows 7 is at the end of it, but the system is still running on many computers. Experts advise you to update your computer to Windows 10 now. Computer magazines report that this is also possible for free.

Security updates are an important protection

Windows 7 has been on the market since 2009. A computer that no longer receives security updates becomes a security risk sooner or later. As soon as a new vulnerability becomes known, viruses and other malware can exploit it. A virus scanner alone is not sufficient protection. Only a combination of regular updates, an up-to-date virus scanner, secure passwords and other security settings can protect a computer to some extent.

Switch to Windows 10

Some users have taken the end of support for Windows 7 as an opportunity to buy a new computer. Windows 10 is already set up on many new computers. However, there is also the option of upgrading a Windows 7 installation to version 10. Instructions can also be found on the website of the consumer advice center.

Most computers that run Windows 7 will also run version 10. The program that handles this upgrade first checks whether the computer is suitable. The upgrade then starts. Before you start, you should definitely make a backup copy of your system and back up all documents, photos and films.

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