Who is Samwell Tarly's girlfriend

Game of Thrones: You have to know that about Sam's girlfriend Goldy

Mother. Daughter. Girlfriend. Goldy.

Goldy is Craster's wife and daughter. Sam helps her to free herself from this and accompanies her from now on. We have summarized everything you need to know about Goldy in a biography of the Game of Thrones character.

Goldy is one of Craster's daughters and lived with him and his other daughters on his keep. At the same time, Goldy was Craster's wife, too, because he married his daughters and fathered new daughters with them. Jon Snow and Sam meet them when they spend the night with the men of the Night Watch at Craster. Sam takes a liking to her and promises to take her with him later.

During another stay at Craster, Goldy has a child: a boy. Craster kills all of his male children, which is why Goldy flees with her son and Sam's help. Once at the wall, Goldy helps with cleaning and cooking, and she also names her son Sam, as she doesn't know many male first names.

At the side of Samwell Tarly through Westeros

Fearing that the men of the Night Watch might harm her, Sam brings Goldy and her son to the village of Mulwarft. When Tormunds Wildlings attack Mulwarft, Goldy hides with the baby and then warns the Night Watch in the Black Fortress of the approaching attack.

After Maester Aemon's death, Sam and Goldy leave for Altsass to be trained as a maester. Since women and children are not allowed in the citadel of Altsass, Sam wants to house Goldy and Sam (the baby) with his parents, but his father does not accept Goldy because she is a wildling. So they leave together again and later set off for Winterfell.

Goldy seeks protection and protection

During the Battle of Winterfell in Season 8 GoT, Goldy and Teela protect the women and children there. Towards the end of the series, Goldy is pregnant again. She and Sam tell Jon that they want to name their child after him if it turns out to be a boy. Goldy doesn’t appear after that. However, it can be assumed that she will accompany Sam when he takes up his place on the council.

Hannah Murray plays Goldy

Actress Hannah Murray became known in Great Britain for the series Skins. Other roles in films like Chatroom or Dark Shadows followed, but the big breakthrough was Game of Thrones. Murray could also be seen at the theater. It remains to be seen where Murray ends up after the end of Game of Thrones.

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