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Copied reports, orders worth millions, tendentious content - the grievances in the medical reports of the IV are considerable, their quality occasionally sloppy. Several scandalous cases have become public in recent weeks in which certain doctors have issued dubious IV reports to the detriment of people with disabilities. The published cases show that the IV offices repeatedly give orders to experts who provide tendentious assessments. To doctors who sometimes collect millions of euros and, in return, systematically overestimate their ability to work - sometimes completely contrary to the assessments of the treating doctors. The consequences for those affected can be tragic. A couple of examples:

  • The IV refused a woman occupational integration measures due to her poor state of health. At the same time, the expert attested that she was one hundred percent fit for work.
  • A court found “certain mistakes” in an appraiser. However, he received orders totaling 3.1 million francs.
  • A doctor used a completely identical text in 16 reports - and in each case certified that they were 100 percent able to work.

In addition, the IV offices are said to have received specific savings targets from the Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO). This is not worthy of public insurance. According to the insurance principle, it is the duty of the IV offices to check the legal entitlement to a benefit with no outcome and to meet non-questionable quota targets.

Necessary investigation - inclusion handicap creates a reporting point

Federal Councilor Alain Berset has announced that the grievances will be investigated. Inclusion Handicap welcomes this step and calls for rapid measures to eliminate the intolerable conditions in IV. Through its legal advice to those affected, the umbrella association of disabled people's organizations repeatedly gains knowledge of questionable methods and fears that the stories revealed is only the tip of the iceberg. Inclusion Handicap offers a hand to support the examinations and is therefore an the beginning of 2020 an independent reporting office set up to which the victims of the previous IV practice can turn.

More information will be available on the Inclusion Handicap website (www.inclusion-handicap.ch (external link)) in January 2020.