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Sunday, May 23rd, 2021

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

MeToo debate in Greece reaches government

Cultural workers and the opposition are calling for the resignation of the Greek Minister of Culture, Lina Mendonis. The occasion is the arrest of the artistic director of the National Theater in Athens, Dimitris Lignadis. The 56-year-old is accused by two men of raping her as a teenager. Lignadis has been in custody since Sunday. Mendonis had appointed Lignadis as head of the National Theater in 2019 without the usual tender. You refuse to take the consequences, so Mendonis. In addition to opposition leader Alexis Tsipras, parliamentarians from the incumbent conservative Nea Dimokratia spoke out in favor of Mendoni's resignation for the first time. The current MeToo debate was kicked off by the sailor Sofia Bekatorou. She had accused a high official of the Greek sailing association EIO of sexual abuse, which is said to have taken place in 1998 and is now statute-barred. Since then, allegations of sexual abuse have grown louder, especially in the fields of sports and culture.

Proceedings against Gérard Depardieu resumed

The French judiciary is investigating Gérard Depardieu. The actor was accused of having raped a colleague in his Paris apartment in 2018. This is reported by the AFP news agency. The plaintiff had restarted the suspended proceedings. The 72-year-old completely denies her allegations. Depardieu is one of the greats of French cinema and has received many international awards over his long career. He also hit the headlines when he accepted an invitation from Russian President Putin to save taxes in France. Depardieu has been a Russian citizen since 2013.

Beat-Nic Lawrence Ferlinghetti is dead

The publisher and writer Lawrence Ferlinghetti brought them all together: the poets of the Beat Generation. Ferlinghetti died a month before his 102nd birthday. The trained journalist had joined the anti-Vietnam war movement and, after completing his doctorate at the Sorbonne in Paris, opened a bookstore for avant-garde literature in San Francisco in order to promote anti-capitalist changes with a counterculture. He published some of the works of Allen Ginsburg, Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs himself and thus produced scandals in the 1950s. Since 2003 was a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

First general secretary of the Bishops' Conference elected

Beate Gilles becomes Secretary General of the German Bishops' Conference. The theologian is the first woman to hold this post. At the spring assembly of the bishops she was elected to succeed Father Langendörfer, who had retired after 24 years. The 50-year-old was previously the department head for children, youth and family in the Diocese of Limburg. The chairman of the German Bishops 'Conference, Bätzing, said he saw Gilles' election as a strong sign that the bishops are fulfilling their promise to promote women in leadership positions.

50 million euros from the federal government for the book industry

State Minister for Culture Monika Grütters has promised the book industry a further 50 million euros in support from the federal government. This was announced by the general manager of the German book trade association, Alexander Skipis, to the trade magazine "Börsenblatt". Due to the second lockdown, a dramatic situation is emerging for bookstores and publishers, according to Skipis. The federal government had already funded publishers and bookshops with a total of 20 million euros as part of the “Neustart Kultur” economic stimulus program. Funds are reported to remain available from this program. Skipis is still concerned. The initially great understanding of measures to contain the pandemic is just about to tip, also because bookshops in Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt are likely to open. The Frankfurt Book Fair can also count on additional support from the federal government this year, because Grütters has pledged a further five million euros.

New Guide to Colonial Heritage for Museums

The German Museum Association has published a "Guide to dealing with collections from colonial contexts". The aim of this is to sensitize museums to screening their archives for collection items from colonial heritage, explained the museum association. Colonial objects are not only found in ethnological museums, but affect almost all museums, said the head of the working group for the guideline, Wiebke Ahrndt. She is also the director of the Übersee-Museum Bremen. In her house alone, three quarters of the population are affected. The new guideline should also help museums how to deal with return claims from societies of origin. The discussion about the colonial past of museums and their collections is indispensable, said the President of the German Museum Association, Eckart Köhne. For this, among other things, cooperation with the companies of origin, transparency and sufficient funding are necessary.

Press Council receives more complaints than ever before

In 2020, more readers complained to the German Press Council than ever before since it was founded in 1956 about media coverage. More than 4,000 complaints were received, significantly more than in the previous year (2,175). The press council announced this as a voluntary self-regulation of the press - i.e. newspapers, magazines and online media - in its annual report. Accordingly, there were more mass complaints about individual articles, such as a column critical of the police in the Berlin "taz". Many complaints related to the reporting on the corona pandemic. Press council spokesman Sascha Borowski wrote in the report: "In the exceptional situation caused by the pandemic, readers wanted clear and reliable facts and turned to the press council particularly often when they doubted the truthfulness of the reports." The council also received an unusually large number of letters for which the council was not responsible, such as complaints about journalistic contributions on television.

For the first time, NASA also publishes sounds from Mars

The US space agency Nasa has published a video of the landing of the rover "Perseverance" on Mars - and for the first time also sounds from the red planet. The three-minute video shows the landing screen opening, the heat shield being repelled, and the reddish surface of Mars getting closer and closer. Then the recordings of several cameras show how the rover is roped to the ground from the landing module floating in the air. Nasa also published a sound recording made by "Perseverance". It is the first sound recording from the Red Planet. You can hear noises that sounded like wind. "These are really incredible videos," said Nasa representative Michael Watkins. "It is the first time that we have been able to capture an event like the landing on Mars in this way." The rover took off from Earth in July and landed on Mars last Thursday. He is supposed to search for traces of previous microbial life for several years.

New York's cinemas are allowed to reopen in March

After almost a year, New York's cinemas should be allowed to reopen on March 5th. This was announced by Governor Andrew Cuomo. However, the cinemas should only be a quarter full and not more than 50 people attend a performance. The following applies to everyone: assigned seats, masks and distance requirements. In addition, the cinemas must guarantee that the air filters in the auditoriums meet strict guidelines. The number of corona cases is falling in the state of New York. However, high infection rates are still reported from parts of the metropolis of New York. Even so, Cuomo has announced some easing to get the economy going again. Amusement parks and indoor amusement facilities should also be allowed to reopen soon. A few days ago stadiums were reopened to a limited extent for major events.

Cherokee want removal of their name from cars

Members of the Cherokee indigenous peoples have called for their name to be removed from the Jeep company’s off-road vehicle of the same name. "I'm sure it was meant well, but we're not honored to see our name on the side of a car," Cherokee representative Chuck Hoskin Jr. said in a statement. He called for a "cultural appropriateness" debate with the manufacturer. "We live in a time when companies and sports clubs should stop using Native American names, images and mascots on their products and jerseys," said Hoskin. Those who want to honor their people should learn about their sovereign government, their role in the United States, their history, culture and language. Jeep's parent company Stellantis initially did not comment on the claim. Jeep has been using the Cherokee name since 1970.

Facebook releases journalistic content in Australia

According to the Australian government, Facebook wants to lift its blockade of journalistic news content in the country. Finance Minister Frydenberg said that a compromise was reached with Facebook's Australia boss Easton in the dispute over the planned changes to the law. He did not disclose details. The group welcomed the agreement in a statement. Australia wants to force Facebook and Google to pay fees to Australian media houses if they distribute their journalistic content. As a result, Facebook had completely blocked messages in Australia.

Resignation at the head of the Polish institute IPN

The background is a scandal over Nazi symbolism. The head of the branch of the Polish Institute for National Remembrance in Wroclaw can no longer exercise his function, said the director of the institute, Jaroslaw Szarek. Photos had previously emerged showing the employee as a participant in right-wing extremist demonstrations. He showed the Hitler salute. His appointment as head of the IPN branch in Wroclaw on February 9th caused outrage around the world because of the photos taken several years ago. Szarek had initially defended the decision and dismissed his participation in the right-wing extremist demonstration as a youthful sin. The IPN, founded in 1999, researches and investigates crimes that were committed in Poland during the German and Soviet occupation.

Brazilian artists want to plant millions of trees

The photographer Sebastião Salgado and the musician Gilberto Gil have joined forces for a reforestation project. They want to plant a million trees every year. Gil is one of the most popular musicians in Brazil. At the start of the campaign, he brought out his own song. Salgado is world-famous for his pictures from war zones and endangered nature. In 2019 he was awarded the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. In an international campaign last year, Salgado called on the government of right-wing President Bolsonaro to protect indigenous people from the corona virus and indigenous areas from intruders.

Electropop duo "Daft Punk" dissolves

The French electro-pop duo "Daft Punk" has split up. This was announced by the management of the two musicians. They achieved worldwide fame with, among other things, the title "Get Lucky". Before the official announcement of the separation, the musicians had published a video on YouTube in which they announced the breakup 28 years after the release of their debut album. "Daft Punk" won six Grammy Music Awards.

Mystery of the inscription on Munch paintings solved

The Norwegian National Museum has solved the riddle surrounding the lettering on Edvard Munch's famous painting "The Scream": The barely legible sentence in the upper left part of the picture "Can only have been painted by a madman!" came from the master himself, announced the museum in Oslo. That was determined with the help of infrared images. There is no doubt that it is Munch's own inscription, said curator Mai Britt Guleng. "The Scream" - in Norwegian "Skrik" - is one of the most famous motifs in art history. It has become a timeless expression of human fear and even a template for various emojis on smartphones. Munch painted four "Scream" versions. In addition to the original from 1893, the later version from 1910 is one of the most famous.

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