How can I check the bank account details

Check bank details with easyKonto

easyKonto is one of the leading systems for Checking bank details. In addition to checking international IBANs, German BICs as well as account numbers and bank codes can also be checked and converted. We have been using our system every year since 2006 couple of millions Bank details checked.

You can integrate the functionality of easyKonto into your systems both online via our web service and offline via our program library. You can find detailed information on our product page.

Deliberate incorrect entries and typing errors are the most common cause of return debits. Here is that Direct debit is the most popular method of payment in Germany. With easyKonto you can check the validity of the specified bank details for new customers before executing the transfers or direct debits. Of course, with easyKonto you can also regularly search your existing databases for incorrect information and thus identify and correct them at an early stage. Find out more about the range of functions of easyKonto.

The easyKonto checking system uses the latest algorithms from the Deutsche Bundesbank to check your bank details. We ensure that you can always work with the latest procedures and the latest bank routing codes.

Save a lot of time and money and leave the checking of IBANs, BIC, account numbers and bank codes to a system that has been used successfully by many other well-known companies since 2006.

If you have any questions about our offer, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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