How can a miracle happen to you

Miracles happen

“God, if you exist?” I always asked myself, because we humans don't believe in things that we can't see or feel. “I believed in you as a child. I knew that I was your child and that you love me. "

The older I got, the more my faith left me. In society it was always said “God does not exist. If he existed, he would show himself and not allow evil in our world. "

The unbelievers influenced my beliefs and I soon questioned it myself. I agreed with them and lost sight of God's way.

But God - I know that now - didn't want to lose me. He wanted me to find my way to him again. Often there were situations in my life where he wanted to show me his way. But I didn't see him, or didn't want to see him and didn't want to go.

But whoever finds God will also find happiness, I know that today.

In the meantime, the child from then became a woman of 27 years, and through the book “I forgive” by Collin Tipping I found my way back to God. It changed my life.

I got involved in God, I felt his love. She filled my heart with happiness and the great emptiness was gone.

Now I know that there is God. How else could I feel happiness in my heart when I was down and no longer knew how to go on with me? I felt miserable, sad, powerless, lonely and empty. But then I felt happiness and joy in my heart and could even laugh again.

I think God wanted to tell me, “Oh my child, now look at where you are now. It took you so long to find me I waited a long time for you and hoped you would come sooner. But don't be sad. Just see what's behind the pain. You had to endure a lot of pain because you didn't look behind the facade. You did not perceive the good that was hidden behind it, did not want to see it. But now that you get it, your life will change. I will accompany you on your way and show you what previously seemed impossible to you. "

It might sound crazy, because you usually read something like that in fairy tales, but from that day my life changed for the better, because God has been with me ever since.

When I was a child there was faith and hope, but as a youth and as an adult I lost my faith and hope was broken with it.

But miracles happen again and again. You hear about them everywhere. Why shouldn't such a miracle happen to you too ?! You too can find your way to God's love and wisdom - just like me.

If you are looking for yourself, if you do not currently know how your life should go on, if you think that life has nothing good in store for you, if your goals cannot be achieved and you feel powerless, that's right then it will be time for you to wake up and take the right path - the path to God. He's been waiting for you for so long!

L. D.



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