Are Messi and Ronaldo friends

Lionel Messi reacts to Cristiano Ronaldo's dinner invitation: "Don't know if we can do it"

Lionel Messi did in an interview with the Spanish Sports responded to Cristiano Ronaldo's invitation to dinner. The Argentine explained the relationship between the two long-standing rivals.

"We have a good relationship," said Ronaldo on the sidelines of the Champions League draw. "We haven't had dinner together yet, but hopefully we can do it in the future," said Ronaldo, which earned him applause from the crowd in Monaco.

He had no problem accepting the invitation, Messi said when asked about it. But: "I do not know if we will eat together because we are both very busy and I am therefore not sure that we will find a date together."

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There is no tension between the two, said "La Pulga": "We are not friends because we have never played together in a team, but we always meet at the galas and there are absolutely no difficulties between us." In Monaco this time they would have talked for as long as never before.

Messi and Ronaldo are considered the two best footballers of the last decade. Both were awarded the Ballon d'Or as best player of the year five times.