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Me on that place (mab) - "Along with In Flames, Sepultura is likely to be the metal band that most hate their old fans, writes colleague Schmidt in his "Machine Messiah" review. He's probably right about that. What you have to give credit to the two bands, however, is that they try it out, although they definitely don't need to. It may be that they lose quite a few fans in the long run (okay, at least In Flames have also gained significantly), they are probably also aware of that - but they do it anyway. You should appreciate that too. "Respect for a musician's free decision to creatively change and develop"That would sometimes be appropriate. Whether you like to celebrate the result musically or not. Unless, of course, when the musicians in question suddenly make shit-stupid mainstream music, prostitute themselves for the industry, fool their fans in order to make money from the stupid .

It's best for you to decide for yourself whether that was irony or not, after all, I was just writing something about respect and freedom of choice. The important thing is: Even Suicide Silence have the right to incorporate clean vocals into their new songs, which sound like Eddie Hermida's vocal cords had been amputated and Yoko Onos had been used instead. You don't have to like it - can it even be? - You can still find it good.

Metalcore sucks, though.

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