What are signs of forgiveness

Realities Confession has gone very out of fashion in recent years. Many people can do little with the so-called “confessional”. This personal form of reconciliation was and is handled too carelessly. The reasons for this are manifold and painful.

What to do with the downsides?

Do we have to hide them, suppress them? We know from psychology that repression can lead to disorders and diseases. How can we learn to stand by our darker sides?

Stand to the shadows

I can stand by my own shadow when I feel that I am loved - despite my dark side. I can stand by it when I know that God loves me and He forgives.

Get to know and love yourself

Those who get to know themselves better and better do not have to suppress anything, but can deal with themselves and the world around them in a more life-promoting way. As Christians, we believe that God gives us salvation and worth.

Three directions

Reconciliation with God, with fellow human beings and all creatures and with oneself, pictorially imaginable as a “relationship cross”. God turns to me, gives me worth and dignity. Through his affection and appreciation, I can dare a new beginning and allow myself to be transformed inside. Lightly for the heart - completely for free.

Published by Rikard Toplek on 09/22/2017
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