Can a lawyer have facial hair?

Trending or a career end? Can you wear a beard in the office?

There were times when people with beards were generally defamed as swordsmen, villains and fiends. Facial hair was seen as a clear indication of various negative properties and was therefore avoided as far as possible by many men. A beard in the office? Absolutely unthinkable! But how good that times change every now and then. Beards are now absolutely in vogue again. Regardless of whether you have a full or three-day beard - whatever you like and looks well-groomed is allowed.

1. The beard as a symbol of masculinity
2. Beard in the office: yes, but please look after it!
3. Not every man can wear every beard
4. Which beard hairstyle suits me?
5. Head and facial hair: This creates a harmonious overall picture
6. Turn the hype about the beard into a business

The beard as a symbol of masculinity

Numerous examples prove that the beard is now acceptable again. From the soccer coach to the lawyer and the young start-up to the corporate boss - male facial hair is displayed with pride in almost every area.

And not without reason, because the has always been valid Beard as a symbol of masculinity and power. Men with the so-called "baby face" should be particularly pleased that the trend is moving more towards hair again. By giving your boyish facial features a hairy coat of paint, they not only automatically appear older, but also more professional, confident and superior. No question about it, the decision to grow a beard not only has a visual impact, it also decreases direct impact on the image of the wearer. So it is no wonder that the beard is now celebrating its comeback and in all its forms it is more popular than it has been for a long time.

Beard in the office: yes, but well-groomed!

Let's come to a very important point to keep in mind if you want to come into the office with a beard. Even if it is often said that bearded people are just too lazy to shave, this is by no means a relief in your morning bath routine. But on the contrary. If you want to be popular not only with women, but also in business with a beard, you have to invest a lot of time in proper maintenance. Nothing is worse than an out of shape beard, dry and flaky skin, and uneven hair growth that makes the face appear blotchy.

To save you these and other embarrassing no-gos, we have one at this point classic beard grooming routine put together for you.

Step # 1 | The beard thoroughly to wash: What is a matter of course in the case of the main hair is often ignored with the beard. We're talking about washing. Use either your normal shampoo or - even better - a special beard shampoo. First rinse the beard with warm water and then massage the shampoo thoroughly into the hair. Take your time here. After a short exposure phase, the shampoo must finally be completely washed out again. Don't forget to dry your skin and hair thoroughly!

Step # 2 | Bringing the beard into shape: A well-groomed beard does not just grow, it is regularly (usually several times a week!) Brought into shape. Regardless of whether you opt for a goat, mustache or full beard - it is important that you always value clear contours and defined gradients. If the beard is to be suitable for the office, no hair grows where it is not allowed to grow. To get the beard in shape, you can use both wet and electric razors, tweezers, scissors and other utensils.

Step # 3 | Massage beard oil into hair and skin: There are now countless care products for men that focus on facial hair. Beard oil is a must have for every beard shape. This should always be massaged in after washing and drying, as the skin pores under the beard are now open. The beard oil not only ensures silky-soft and shiny beard hair, but also cares for the skin underneath, which unfortunately all too often falls short. It also has a disinfectant effect and prevents inflammation of the hair roots.

Step # 4 | Comb the beard: Of course, this step is only necessary from a certain hair length. A special beard comb brings the hair into the desired position and untangles it. This creates an even and neat look.

Step # 5 | Style the beard: This part of the grooming routine also only makes sense with particularly magnificent beards. Use beard wax or balm for styling, for example. The conventional hair gel is not suitable because the structure of the main hair does not correspond to that of the facial hair.

When deciding on a beard, it is important to know that the grooming routine will take more time than a full shave. It is simply wrong to say that beards are lazy. Anyone who loves their facial hair invests a lot of time in care and styling.

Not every man can wear every beard

Ever since the hipster movement spilled over to Germany, one can proudly sport a magnificent full beard again. There is basically nothing wrong with that ... if it weren't for a crucial problem: Not every man is a “beard type”. There are two reasons for this:

  • Reason # 1: The man's beard growth is uneven, which means that the full beard has gaps.
  • Reason # 2: The full beard makes the wearer look unnecessarily full. Sturdy men in particular should therefore keep their beards rather short. Very slim ones, on the other hand, can use the full beard to give their appearance an interesting contrast.

Not only the full beard, but also every other beard hairstyle should always be enjoyed with caution. Not every shape is automatically suitable for every man. If you intend to grow a beard, you should definitely consider beforehand what suits you and underlines your type and which beard is more likely to have an adverse effect on your appearance. To make your decision a little easier, we have put together a comprehensive overview with different beard types and our recommendations.

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Which beard hairstyle suits me?

Beard hairstylesuitable for…imageCare & styling tip
Three-day beardalmost every man. The three-day beard makes the face optically slimmer and emphasizes concise features. It gives the wearer a strong expression that can also appear gentle at the same time.The three-day beard has an extremely casual image. In good shape, it can also be worn in the office. Managers and executives should rather refrain from doing so.The short stubble of beard can prick very strongly. Use beard oils and beard balms to soften them - your partner will thank you. It is also important that the hair is always the right length and does not grow wild all over the face.
Beardextroverted men. The full beard is the epitome of masculinity and is always worn with pride. Anyone who is not up to this task should fall back on a more inconspicuous variant. Caution: the full beard often makes the wearer appear a bit fuller.An "all-over" beard growth symbolizes strength, originality and the natural. If it is well cared for, it also has a very positive effect on the image of the wearer. Due to its effect, the full beard can also be worn by men in high positions without any problems.The full beard “works” only if the beard grows evenly. A detailed care routine is also essential. If you want to give your full beard that certain something, you can easily twirl the ends of the mustache and style it upwards.
schnauzerMen with self-confidence. The Schnauzer is only just beginning to become modern again. Just a few years ago, often mocked as "booger brake" or "porn bar", more and more young men now dare to wear this beard hairstyle.A mustache - whether worn short or longer - is always a statement. On the one hand, it can stand for classic male values, but it can also be interpreted in a new and modern way.A modern mustache requires extraordinary styling. As in the case of a full beard, the ends can be twirled a little with wax and aligned. A suitable outfit - for example with a bow tie and suspenders - completes the bold retro look.
Goatee/ Chin puffMen with rounded features. The goatee or chin puff visually stretches the face.Some may describe it as getting on in years, others still find it relevant. The goatee (with long hair) or chin puff (the short hair variant) definitely has a classic image that is also well received in the office. You can hardly go wrong with this.The hair needs to be trimmed regularly in order to be of one length. The more pronounced hair growth, the more likely it is to use beard wax.
Henriquatrealmost every man. The henriquatre - a combination of mustache and chin beard - is one of the most popular beard hairstyles. It has a stretching effect and makes the wearer appear slimmer.Not only men but women also like this beard hairstyle. The Henriquatre is considered very masculine and also sexy. With appropriate care, it can also be worn in the office.The Henriquatre should always be worn very short. It is also important that the contours of the beard are always clearly visible. A combination of wet shaving and fine tuning is necessary for this beard. The effort is correspondingly great.
SchifferkrauseMen with a narrow face. The Schifferkrause - also called Chin Curtain or Lincoln Curtain - gives the wearer more fullness in the face.This beard exudes power, determination and dominance - which may be due to its famous namesake Abraham Lincoln. It is ideally suited for everyday work, but should not be worn for too long here.The Schifferkrause comes in many different variants and has strong similarities to the whiskers. How long or short you wear your hair depends primarily on the shape of your face. The rounder it is, the more economical the beard should be.

In the end, it depends largely on personal taste which beard suits a man and which doesn't. It is important that the wearer feels comfortable with their beard hairstyle, because only then does the facial hair achieve the desired effect. If the wearer and beard just don't really go together, the look quickly looks set up and posed. It is important to avoid that in any case.

Head and facial hair: This creates a harmonious overall picture

Last but not least, you should always make sure that your beard and hairstyle make a harmonious complete package. Only when both are ideally coordinated have you found your very own, unmistakable look, which will also meet with positive feedback in the office.

There are several options when it comes to matching head and facial hair:

  • The main hair predominates: Men with thick, perhaps slightly longer hair would do well to keep their beard relatively short. Otherwise, associations à la Yeti or Wolf Man emerge quickly.
  • The beard hair predominates: The other way around, the facial hair can also serve as a counterweight when it becomes increasingly light on the head. Here, too, the creation of a contrast plays a central role. Probably the most blatant example of this is the full beard in combination with a bald head. This look is being worn by more and more men with a lot of self-confidence - even in the office.
  • Both the hairstyle and the beard are perfectly styled: In order to create a harmonious overall picture, it also helps if you coordinate the styling of the beard and hairstyle. Men who attach great importance to their appearance sometimes invest a lot of time in the daily styling routine. If the result is consistent, this effort is definitely worth it.
  • Both hairstyle and beard are only slightly styled: The counterpart to the perfectly styled man is the one who does not seem to value any beauty routines (which is of course misleading, because the beard should always (!!!) be cared for). It is questionable whether the messy hair look is really suitable for the office. When in doubt, it is better to style a little more than too little.

Turning the hype about the beard into a business

It can no longer be denied that male facial hair is absolutely hip again in large sections of the population and also in many business areas. A clear sign of this are, for example, various startups that have completely dedicated themselves to beard care and are springing up like mushrooms. They make it clear that not only is beard absolutely okay in business, but beard can also function as a business.

What is your attitude towards the beard in the office? Quite legitimate or still a no-go in management? Perhaps you are bearded yourself and would like to share your experiences. We look forward to many comments.

Photo by Fayiz Musthafa on Unsplash


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