What are the best casinos in Italy

The Sanremo Casino:

The popular vacation spot Sanremo in Liguria is not only the annual venue for the famous Italian music festival Festival di Sanremo, but also the location of one of the most famous and luxurious casinos in the country. With around 500 slot machines and an extensive selection of table games, a visit to the Casinò Sanremo certainly not a disappointment. It is important, however, that guests wear elegant clothing so that they are not turned away at the entrance, because: The operators of the casino place great value on an upscale ambience - this is already clear when looking at the building from the outside.

More information about this: The Casinò Sanremo

Venice has two casinos:

Standing since 1987 Venice and its lagoon on the UNESCO World Heritage List. No wonder that the two casinos (or rather: the two seats of the Casinò di Venezia) are just as impressive as the entire city:
  • Casino di Venezia - Ca ’Vendramin Calergi: The headquarters of the Venetian casino. Founded in 1638 (it is the oldest casino in the world), you can still feel the charm of the Renaissance in the casino on the Grand Canal (see photo at the top). There are more than 600 slot machines as well as numerous Roulette, Black Jack, Poker, Baccara / Punto Banco and Trente et Quarante tables.
  • Casino di Venezia - Ca ’Noghera: The second seat of the Venetian casino. This casino, which was only built in 1999, looks very different. It is not on the main island of Venice, but on the mainland, near Marco Polo Airport. Here all signs point to "modern", which can be seen from the outside in the American style of the house. Here, too, players can expect a large selection of around 600 slot machines and numerous table games, from roulette and blackjack to poker and punto banco.
More information about the two casinos:The Casinò di Venezia

The Casino de la Vallée:

As early as 1921, the mayor of the health resort had Saint Vincent in the Aosta Valley the idea of ​​opening a casino for visitors to his place. However, he initially only received a license for the summer months. Since 1946 it has Casino de la Vallée but open all year round.

Today French and American roulette are offered here, and blackjack, punto banco and poker can also be played. Of course there are also slot machines, electronic roulette and video poker are also represented. In keeping with the ambience, guests are expected to wear elegant clothes, although ties or jackets are not required.

More information about this: www.casinodelavallee.com

The Casino Municipale Campione d’Italia:

The Casino Municipale Campione d’Italia in an Italian exclave on the shores of Lake Lugano in Switzerland, the former largest Italian casino, has been closed since 2018 and will only reopen in a few years, but with a different use: as a luxury hotel.

More information about Sanremo, Venice and the Aosta Valley:

Sanremo is not only a beautiful holiday destination, it is also known for the famous song festival.
The lagoon city of Venice is unique in the world for its beauty.

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