How are foxes as pets

Keeping a fox as a pet: what to keep in mind

If you want to keep a fox as a pet in Germany, you first have to think about the sources of supply. You cannot just catch an animal and lock it in an enclosure, unless you want to pay a fine of 5,000 to 75,000 euros, endure a prison sentence of up to three years and have a permanent ban on keeping animals your own. In Germany there are actually only two ways you can keep a fox as a pet:

  • Animals in need: If you find an injured or sick animal, you must contact an expert such as a veterinarian, the nature conservation association or rescue workers for wild animals and have enough space for a game reserve. In addition, you have to set it up within a short time, while the animal is cared for by the vet for so long. If the fox can no longer be released into the wild after being fostered, you must also provide proof of an expert in order to be able to continue to look after the animal.
  • Foreign breeders: Domesticated foxes have been bred in Russia for several years and are sold to the brave for a price of up to 6,000 euros. There is only one problem here: You need a holding permit, which is issued by the responsible official veterinarian. This proves that you have enough space for the animal, a blueprint for the enclosure and a responsible wildlife veterinarian on the spot. You then have to provide all these documents to German customs so that the fox can even be brought to Germany.
  • The biggest problem with holding permits for wild animals so that they can get through customs is the lack of information from the individual federal states. You must therefore report to the responsible official veterinarian and inquire about them there. However, this process can take a long time and be very costly.