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Safranin T

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Safranin T (arab. zafaran, Yellowness) is a derivative of phenazine. It is a member of the Safranine series, with colors between red and purple.

Extraction and presentation

The dye is made synthetically from a mixture of o-toluidine, aniline with hydrochloric acid and sodium nitrite.[3]


Safranin T is used for staining purposes in microscopy.[3] Also as a dye for leather.[3] Also used as a pH and redox indicator in chemical analysis.[3] The oxidized form is red, the reduced form is colorless.[4] It can also be used for Gram staining of bacteria. In addition, it is used in a double coloration with astra blue, whereby it colors lignified cell walls red, while unwooded cell walls are colored blue with astrab blue.

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