What is the death toll for fascism

Memorial stone for victims of fascism

Way of remembering monument
status replaced
date from 1951
date to 1985
Benefactor Concentration Camp Association (KPÖ)
Artist / architect
Type of donor Parties and victims' associations
Location Street space
Location reference Place of deportation or death, place of repression, place of power
district 1
Historical reference National Socialism
Theme of memory Imprisonment, resistance, liberation
group Opponents
Gender specific Both
See also
resource POREM
export RDF
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This memorial to the violence of National Socialism was erected on April 11, 1951 on Morzinplatz in the 1st district. It is reminiscent of the headquarters of the Gestapo in the former Hotel Métropole, where interrogations took place with brutal means and under torture during the National Socialist regime. The monument was controversial or contested in the early days of the Second Republic. Since other projects to erect larger memorials for the (political) victims of the National Socialist regime were repeatedly delayed or failed, a memorial stone was illegally erected and unveiled on April 11, 1951 at Morzinplatz in the course of a political rally by the concentration camp association. The city of Vienna took care of the monument.

The memorial stone was opened during a large rally attended by several thousand people. In terms of content, Ludwig Steiner (resistance fighter, Federal Chancellery, ÖVP), Josef Lauscher (municipal council, KPÖ) and Gustav Wegerer (chairman of the Vienna concentration camp association) contributed to the opening.

The memorial stone bore the inscription in 1951 - with the red triangle of the concentration camp association and the number '369' attached between the years:

"1938 1945 The Gestapo house was here.
It was hell for those who professed Austria
for many of them it was the forecourt of death.
It sank in ruins like the 1000 year old empire.
Austria, however, has risen again and with him
our dead, the immortal victims. "

In 1985 the memorial stone was replaced by the Never Forget Memorial for the victims of the Gestapo. The location of the new memorial moved closer to the actual location of the former Gestapo building, making the phrase "Here stood" more appropriate.

The memorial stone has been changed several times, both its shape and its location. A picture from 1951 shows a stone lying flat and the numbers "1938 1945" next to the red triangle.[1] A picture printed in 1975 shows the same stone and inscription, but without the year and standing upright in the middle of the square.[2] A picture taken in 1975 shows the memorial stone near the Ruprechtsstiege, also mounted on a stone plinth and an "empty" corner instead of the red corner.[3]


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