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Medical technology

The range of courses

In addition to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the interdisciplinary courses are provided by the Faculties of Medicine, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering as well as the Institute for Neuroinformatics. Lectures, lectures with exercises, seminars and internships are offered that can be selected within the specialization area. In addition, the preparation of study and diploma theses with topics from the field of medical technology is possible. The catalog of elective subjects currently includes in detail:

  1. Subjects that are directly assigned to the specialization area and are offered by the Chair of Medical Technology:

    • Ultrasound in medicine
    • Tomographic imaging methods in medicine
    • Systems theory 3
    • Statistical signal processing
    • Image processing in medicine
    • Basics of biomedical functional systems I
    • Basics of biomedical functional systems II
    • Internship Stochastic Signals
    • Medical technology internship
    • Medical technology seminar
    • Internship "Biomedical Measurement Technology"
  2. Subjects from other areas of specialization in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering:

    • Biomedical applications in plasma technology
    • Basics of communication acoustics
    • Internship acoustics
  3. Subjects offered by other faculties and the Institute for Neuroinformatics:

    Faculty of Mechanical Engineering:

    • Medical process engineering
    • Analysis and synthesis of biomechanical constructions

    Institute for Neuroinformatics:

    • Seeing in man and machine
  4. Subjects from other specialization areas of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Institute of Neuroinformatics, which do not have medical-technical content, but are important because of their importance as a basic subject for medical technology and are therefore recommended as elective subjects in the context of further specialization areas:

    • digital signal processing
    • Remote sensing with electromagnetic waves (remote sensing)
    • Artificial Neural Networks
    • High frequency measurement technology
    • Electromagnetic compatibility

A subject catalog of the elective subjects of the specialization area provides information about the dates, the lecturers as well as the modalities of the choice of these subjects on the basis of the examination regulations.