Why don't people say Voldemort's name

"Harry Potter": Does this theory finally explain why nobody says Voldemort's name?

"He whose name must not be mentioned" or "You know who" - these synonyms are regularly used by magicians in the "Harry Potter" series to avoid having to pronounce the name Voldemort. The name itself triggers tremendous fear among almost everyone, which certainly has to do with the horrific deeds of the antagonist. But maybe there is another explanation.

The fear of the name Voldemort could not only have to do with the terrible memories associated with it. Reddit user Caspirinha has come up with a theory as to why it was extremely dangerous for magicians to pronounce the name and therefore avoided it.

In "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1" Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint) retreat to a cafe on Tottenham Court Road after a Death Eater attack - where they the But also find followers of Voldemort shortly afterwards. The Death Eaters did this because Voldemort put a magical taboo on his own name. In this way, he and his allies find out when someone mentions his name and also know his whereabouts immediately.

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Since Voldemort can assume that only his opponents utter his name, it is easy to Apparate to the respective location and take up the fight - as happened with Harry, Hermione and Ron in the cafe.

Has Voldemort tabooed his name before?

The theory now says that Voldemort used this magical taboo as early as the First Wizarding War to track down his enemies. At some point the magicians began to avoid his name in order not to attract Death Eaters. The fear of the consequences persisted even after the defeat of Voldemort, only Dumbledore continued to call Voldemort by name, as he is more afraid of the headmaster than the other way around.

However, it should be emphasized once again that this is just a theory that has not been officially confirmed. On closer inspection, it even reveals some inconsistencies. After all, Dumbledore not only called Voldemort by name, he encouraged others to do so too. It might have been harmless to himself, but inciting others to expose themselves to a threat doesn't sound like Dumbledore at all.