Is beer batter safe for toddlers

Grandma's fried fish in beer batter with tartar sauce

Fried fish in beer batter is a traditional Nordic food. The baked fish fillet is best eaten as a fried fish roll or on the plate with potato salad or French fries and lemon. Of course, a fresh tartar sauce should not be missing. Try out our fried fish recipe right away.

The secret of good beer batter

We mix whipped egg white into our beer batter, this gives it volume and increases the adhesion to the fish.

When it comes to beer, you can choose any beer you like. Light beer, i.e. a pilsner or light beer, is classic. But you can also experiment and try it with bock beer or wheat beer.

For even more crunch, you can add crushed, unsweetened cornflakes or polenta (wheat semolina, coarse)

Classic fried fish roll

You can also serve your home-made fried fish in style "on the hand" in a bread roll. It is best to use half-length baguettes, cut them lengthways and add a layer of lettuce.

Then put the baked fish in and, if you like, add a few thin, raw onion slices. The remoulade comes at the very end.

Which fish for fried fish?

Typical fish for the baked fish fillets are saithe, hake, redfish, cod and cod. These varieties are best because the meat is firm but still juicy.

If you don't have fresh fish on hand, you can use frozen fish if necessary. This one is softer than the fresh one. You should thaw the fillets well, then pat them well after thawing before pulling them through the batter.

Fried fish in the oven

The fried fish is actually fried or baked with a lot of fat in the pan or deep fryer. This is the only way to make it really crispy.

If you prefer a lower fat content, you can also cook your baked fish in the oven. To do this, you have to change the breading a little because the beer batter is too runny.

  • First turn the fish filter on both sides in flour on a plate
  • Then pull through the beaten egg (2 eggs for 4 fillets)
  • At the end, turn both sides extensively in breadcrumbs (breadcrumbs)
  • Place the fillets on a baking sheet with paper and bake at 200 ° C (180 ° convection) for about 15 minutes.

The tartar sauce with fish

Fish in beer batter would not be complete if it was not poured with a classic tartar sauce. Remoulade for fried fish is a sour mayonnaise that is made with eggs, pickles and herbs. It goes perfectly with the fried fish.

You can also modify your tartar sauce:

  • Put in small pieces of apple
  • Add chopped capers and creme fraiche

Beer batter for kids?

Even children can eat this delicious fish in beer batter with no worries, because the high heat during frying dissipates the alcohol. If you want to be on the safe side, just go for non-alcoholic beer.

You don't have to worry: the fish tastes great, but not like beer.

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