Are all bloodline Jews related

DNA ancestry analysis: are you a Jew?

Do you have Jewish roots? Are you an Ashkenazi or a Sephardi? Are you a Levi or a Cohen?

A DNA test from iGENEA will give you clear indications as to whether you have Jewish roots. Based on your specific genetic traits, we can determine whether you are of Jewish ancestry, what lineage your Jewish ancestry is (paternal, maternal, or both), and even what percentage of you are Jewish. In addition, your profile is compared with over 700,000 people in our database. If we find genetic hits, i.e. people who match you to a certain extent, you have the opportunity to get in touch with these people and to deepen your family research.

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Is Judaism More Than a Religion? Is there a Jew gene?

Ethnic groups that marry and reproduce among themselves over generations are genetically "linked". It is scientifically undisputed that there are genetic patterns that occur more frequently among Jews. Over the centuries, a certain genetic homogeneity has developed, which is visible through a DNA test.

However, the Jewish people cannot be separated purely genetically, so that a DNA test cannot provide unequivocal evidence. However, a DNA test can confirm a Jewish origin with a high degree of probability.

Even if you do not belong to a genetic population group (a so-called haplogroup) that is typically Jewish, you can still have Jewish roots. By comparing your DNA profile with all other profiles in our database, we can find people who are genetically identical to you ("genetic cousins"). If many of your genetic cousins ​​are Jewish, then there is a high probability that they also have Jewish roots.

The result shows the composition of your origin by region. In addition to the online result, you will receive a noble certificate of origin and other documents in an elegant folder.

Terms related to "Jewish descent"

Cohen modal haplotype
A certain DNA profile is called the "Cohen Modal Haplotype" because it occurs more frequently in the Jewish subgroup of the Cohanim. This haplotype clearly indicates a Jewish origin within the paternal line.

Ashkenazim (German Ashkenazi) is the self-designation of Western and Eastern Jews who share a common religious tradition and culture.

Sephardim (German Sephardi) are the names of those descendants of Jews who, after their expulsion from the Iberian Peninsula (around 1500 AD), settled mostly in the Ottoman Empire and in Northwest Africa (Maghreb).

The Levi, named after their ancestor, are one of the twelve tribes of Israel that descended from the sons of Jacob

Cohen is the biblical name of the priestly caste in Judaism.

Haplogroups represent the different tribes of Homo sapiens and show the origins and migrations of our ancestors.

Studies on the Genetic Determination of Jewish Descent

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Genetic indigenous people from iGENEA

Primitive peoples refer to peoples from ancient times who not only define themselves by their own language, culture and history, but also have their own DNA profiles. An origin analysis by iGENEA will determine your indigenous people with the help of your haplogroup and your genetic profile. The result relates roughly to the period between 900 BC. and AD 900

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