What does the word contempt mean

contempt, the

eight2 f. Attention, attention ’, today mainly in expressions such as to be careful, disregarded, be careful, be careful, in which the substantive character of the word has faded. Ahd.ahta 'reflection, opinion, respect' (around 800), mhd.aht (e), mnd.mnl.acht (e), nl.acht, aengl.eaht are related to got.aha 'sense, understanding', ahjan 'mean' and let a verbal root germ. * ah- 'think, mean' recognize. Whether the German group with extra Forms like Greek óknos (ὄκνος) ‘doubtfulness, hesitation’, okné͞in (ὀκνεῖν) ‘hesitating, having concerns’, toch. B āks- ‘being awake’ can be linked and assign to the root ie. * Ok- superior ’cannot be proven with certainty. Eighth vb is derived from the noun. 'estimate, watch out, be considerate', ahd.ahtōn (around 800), mhd.ahten 'consider, consider, estimate', asächs.ahton, mnd.mnl.nl.achten, aengl.eahtian 'estimate, pay attention, consider' ; cf. anord.ætla (from * ahtilōn) ‘mean, believe, plan, intend’; in addition, attention for attention, appreciation, reputation ’, ahd.ahtunga (9th century), mhd.ahtunge consideration, appreciation’. Have imperatives, pay attention! is shortened to a command and warning call Attention! (End of the 18th century). respectable adj. ‘respected, respected, respectable, creditable, noteworthy’, mhd.aht (e) bære, zu mhd.ahte in the sense of ‘estimation, status, rank’, then actually ranked ’. mindful adj. ‘attentive, vigilant, cautious’ (16th century); earlier attested is inattentive adj. ‘not paying attention to what one should pay attention to’, mhd.insteady. note vb ‘Pay attention, consider, pay attention’, ahd.biahtōn (10th century), mhd.beahten; considerable adj. ‘remarkable, important’, common since the 19th century, late mhd.beahtlich. consider vb ‘What do you think, look at’, ahd.irahtōn (9th century), mhd.erahten. to despise vb ‘View as bad, inferior, disdain, disdain’, mhd.verahten; contemptuous adj. ‘expressing contempt, derogatory, despicable’ (15th century); Contempt for ‘contempt, disgust’, late mhd.verahtunge.