What is word search

Classic word search

  • It has become boring on this gaming platform.
    I say goodbye to here
    It's a shame, actually, but it seems to me that the games are about to be played here
    more of a burden than a joy.

  • all in English, I'm in Germany

  • Very good for the eyes

  • unknown: That is probably true !!!!!

  • Lately there have only been stupid games and only the search games that are over after 5 minutes
    we are a community and get neither through contact nor from. Stixman an answer
    Sad sad. Will look around for another side too

  • @ Skippi8 Bravo and good luck with your search. Hopefully you will find a good site. This is what manfred2806 wishes

  • The game looks interesting, I would like to give it a try, but I don't get any contact with the letters with the mouse, i.e. the words I find are not highlighted
    either: a) that is really stupid
    or: b) I'm really stupid:

  • celebs 1503
    don't be sad - the game is stupid - not you

  • @ Moewe1503 click on Arts at the bottom right and it works;)

  • why in english? Why not a change, always the same words?

  • why can't you play the game a second time (after one complete cycle)?

  • doesn't work, why?

  • The game doesn't work for me at all, doesn't even react. The only game that works is the kind of game of it.

  • The game has been blocked for days. Why?

  • It's a shame that you can't play the game a second time.

  • you can play it several times, delete cookies in the browser, then it works

  • It's a shame that this game doesn't also exist with German words

  • let yourself do not mark