What attraction does boudoir photography have

What is boudoir photography

What exactly is boudoir photography? Google defines boudoir as follows:

from Frenchboudoir; Small, elegant and mostly luxuriously furnished ladies' room, which is used for sleeping, relaxing, dressing, entertaining or receiving male visitors and has its origin in French castles of the 18th century.

Boudoir photography is personal.
Boudoir photography is sensual.
Boudoir photography is intimate and erotic and sexy and and and. It's not just about the naked body. Rather, it's about a woman's personality. About their sensuality, their charms & eroticism.

Boudoir photography has to be demanding. Must be fun. Must reflect your own personality. Boudoir is what you want it to be. Very simple.

We received a submission from a young lady who did such an erotic shoot with Ladies & Lord and who tells us about her experience.

I was easily excited and a little nervous ... no, I'm not talking about my last date with my boyfriend. Excitement was the feeling I got when I got up on the morning of my boudoir shoot. For days I've been wondering which underwear would be the best for our shoot ... I took another long sip of coffee, sat in the car and mentally prepared myself for the appointment. Only after a few seconds did I already have the first brush on my face. Melissa, the make-up artist, conjured up beautiful hair and perfect make-up - I already felt like a sexy superwoman. After a few sips (or glasses :-)) of Prosecco, we started our shoot in an amazing setting ; A Sleeping Beauty's castle, so to speak. It was just GREAT. Claudia is such a lively photographer, bursting with ideas, that you automatically like to do what she says. The camera: in position! and off we went. The first picture was in the box. She just laughed and said I should just relax, think of something nice and not forget to breathe ;-) I was able to relax more and more and was just looking forward to the result. We played with different accessories and had a lot of fun shooting. However, it must be said that you can expect sore muscles!

I felt totally happy with my femininity and was very proud of myself to be proud of who I am ... AND - I felt genuinely beautiful.

To all brides: if you give your loved one boudoir photos as a wedding present, he knows that he has made the right choice ;-) A great experience for the bride and a sensual gift for the groom. Just a nice reminder of how adorable the bride looked at her wedding.

Especially for brides there is a bridal boudoir shoot from Ladies & Lord. More and more brides are giving these sexy photos to their grooms as a morning gift. Do not forget wedding lingerie, accessories such as shoes, veils, perfume and bring jewelry with you. If you want, you can of course bring a few friends. To motivate or to take photos. Not every bride gives such a shoot to her future partner. Some just have fun for themselves and their girls. Host the other kind of bachelorette party. With make-up, styling, prosecco and party. Really lady-like ♥

Gentlemen, you can of course surprise your future bride with such a bridal boudoir shoot and give her a bridal boudoir voucher. This is a wonderful morning gift and let's be honest, a gift to yourself. After all, you can admire the photos yourself later. :-)

Boudoir photography at the highest level by Ladies & Lord.