Why did Dr. Maurice Bucaille accepts Islam

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Dr. Maurice Bucaille (born 1920) is a French physician, scientist, university lecturer and author.

Originally he was chief physician at the surgical clinic at the University of Paris. He later received a lucrative job as personal physician from King Faisal of Saudi Arabia and the family of Egyptian President Anwar el-Sadat.

In 1976 he published the book "Bible, Qur'an and Science", in which he tried using many examples to make it clear that the Holy Qur'an, in contrast to the Bible, is in perfect harmony with modern science. To what extent the former Catholic Bucaille himself accepted Islam is not known. His book has been translated into many languages, including German.

His other works include: "What is the origin of mankind" (Seghers, 1988), "Moses and Pharaoh, the Hebrews in Egypt", (NTT Mediascope Inc, 1994); "Reflections on the Coran" (Mohamed Talbi & Maurice Bucaille, Seghers, 1989).

He died on February 17, 1998.