How do I start trading rubies

Ruby treasures of the earth

Our passion for gemstones is well known. We are particularly fond of rubies. So we went on an expedition again and traveled to the origins of these earth treasures. We traveled from Augsburg via Idar-Oberstein, Bangkok, Chantaburi, to the Cambochan border area to get to the "sources" of the rubies.

We want to know where the gemstones, rubies, sapphires and tourmalines we offer come from. We are also interested in the way in which these are mined!
We also looked around in Chantaburi, a small town in eastern Thailand. The small town with a great influence in the global gemstone trade.
There are of course no precise details, but it is assumed that almost 90% of all gemstones traded are traded around the world via Chantaburi and ultimately via Bangkok.

Most people will probably never see a natural ruby, as we all have it in our minds.
99% of the rubies found are treated in stores! Simply heating gemstones leads, if you know exactly how, to an optical improvement. The influence of heat changes the crystal structure and makes the color and purity appear more valuable.
This treatment can also be done naturally - for example, when a crystal sticks to a volcanic vent and is exposed to intense heat during an eruption. Therefore, according to the CBJO, pure heat treatment is not subject to expulsion. Especially since nothing is artificially added to the gemstone.
We only deal in natural, untreated precious items. If a gemstone has been heated, we will report this!

There are hundreds of treatments available to keep poor quality crystals looking their best. Lead glass fillings to disguise cracks, up to colored coatings, ... also synthetic, crystals grown in the laboratory or glass imitations ... The market is flooded with cheap and treated goods!
We clearly reject these products.

How often have you seen large red stones that were declared as rubies or something similar? A real untreated ruby ​​of over 3.0 carats (0.6 grams !!!), in good quality (color, clarity, cut) is a very rare, extraordinary treasure. These rubies, sapphires, diamonds, should only be included corresponding certificates can be traded!

We like to compare the gemstone market with that of classic cars, only proven experts with a lot of experience are able to make reliable statements.
Not every car that looks old and beautiful is a real classic and has considerable value.

We would be happy to introduce you to the world of gemstones. Treasures of the earth unveiled and genuine, as we all dreamed of them as children in our imagination of pirate treasures in our mind's eye.