Can cruise ships refuel at sea

Aida President Felix Eichhorn is calm. "We don't feel driven, we ourselves are the innovation drivers." The Rostock-based company has recently raised the bar for the entire industry. But even Aida boss Eichhorn is unable to predict whether LNG will turn the cruise industry inside out or is just a bridging technology. "What about ten, 15 years from now? Will we be driving with batteries, synthetic gas, fuel cells?" On the Aida Nova I have already planned a room for fuel cells or batteries.

The infrastructure for liquefied gas is still inadequate. There are only LNG stores in France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, England, Scandinavia, the Baltic States and North America. Not in Germany, even here there is no legal basis for it. In this country, LNG ships are refueled by trucks arriving from Rotterdam. What is missing everywhere is practically the last piece of hose: there is a gap in supply between warehouses and ships that is only gradually being closed. Through LNG tankers, floating filling stations and feeder ships. Except in Rotterdam, there are still no LNG tanks in the ports from which the ships could be bunkered directly. In the port of Tenerife the Aida Nova Refueled from ship to ship for the first time: the feeder ship Cardissa from Antwerp pumps 2100 cubic meters of LNG into the tanks of the Aida Nova. The security precautions are enormous. During this time, passengers and crew are not allowed to smoke or use their mobile phones on the side of the deck where the tanker is moored. Strict announcements from the bridge point to this over and over again.

Even if the management in Rostock persistently remains silent about the price, the sum of around one billion euros circulates in the industry - per ship. "We are continuously growing, and in order to be able to continue to grow, we need new ships," says Hansjörg Kunze, the press spokesman for Aida. "The Aida Nova is almost fully booked for 2019, "says Kunze. Only remaining spaces are still available. The company has been growing since the year it was founded, in some cases in the double-digit range. In German-speaking countries, Aida is the market leader, says Kunze. The party ship image has long since been abandoned . "We want to offer variety, offers for multi-generation holidays."

Therefore, emphasizes Eichhorn, the new ship offers more than just technological innovation. For example, 21 cabin categories are new, from the penthouse suite to the single cabin. The culinary offer includes 17 restaurants and 23 bars. When it comes to sustainability, a lot happens behind the scenes - also on other ships: New types of paint are intended to improve the aqua dynamics and thus reduce the ships' fuel consumption. According to calculations by the industry association Clia, wastewater management, recycling and energy efficiency, LED lighting and heat recovery ensure that resource consumption per passenger and week is lower than that of German consumers on land. In the laundry of the Aida Nova Up to 10.5 tons of laundry are washed every day. For this, 2.5 liters of water are used per kilo. On land, according to Aida, there is an average of eight liters. And that is also new: every item of clothing worn by the crew has a chip that can be used to assign it to the person wearing it. Captain Becker's gala uniform is also guaranteed to find its way back to its owner.

That is what the ship offers

The Aida Nova range is very large. A week should hardly be enough to take full advantage of it. Here are a few examples.

Culinary: In the Churrascaria Steakhouse, the "Cortadores" cut grilled meat right at the table. In the Time Machine restaurant, guests experience a dinner show in a fantasy world that is reminiscent of Atlantis. In the Sushi House, sushi masters prepare sushi and sashimi in front of the guests. In the Teppanyaki Asia Grill, the chefs juggle their knives between courses.

Spa: Five saunas, a day spa for adults, organic cosmetics, two private spa suites.

Sports: Outdoor fitness on deck 8, large indoor fitness studio, 30 free courses per week, Hypoxi studio for figure shaping, cardioscan and cyberobics fitness courses.

Worlds of experience: Treetop path, white water slides, three giant water slides, mystery room, television studio, 360-degree theater with the latest technology and laser show.

price: According to Aida, a cruise on the Aida Nova is no more expensive than on the other ships in the fleet. B. seven days Canary Islands and Madeira cost from January to April 2019 from / to Gran Canaria from 729 euros per person including flight,


The research trip for this article was partly supported by tour operators, hotels, airlines and / or tourism agencies.