Did you do something bad?

Translation of "Bad done" in English

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There is every human being, including one who Bad done has a chance to correct his mistakes.
Gives every human being, including those who have done evil, a chance to correct their mistakes.
Don't forget, you are the one who does something Bad done Has.
But the authorities are after her for something Bad done Has.
But the authorities are after her because she did a bad thing.
Inmate 819 has something Bad done.
Those who Bad done will inherit eternal damnation in judgment.
Those who committed the evil deeds, will inherit eternal perdition in the judgment.
the Bad done have, to the resurrection of judgment.
those who committed the evil deeds to a resurrection of judgment.
You have something Bad doneDaddy
I have something Bad done, Rick, but it will never happen again.
I did a bad thing, Rick, but I won't be bad anymore, I promise.
I think I have something Bad done.
Apparently you have something Bad done, Is not it?
No i have something Bad done.
I regret that I do Bad done and have neglected good.
I regret having done evil and failing to have done good.
Your aunt has something Bad done, Robin, something very bad.
Your aunt has done a bad thing, Robin, a very bad thing.
The giantess has a lot Bad done.
You definitely have nothing Bad done.
No, Ben has nothing Bad done.
No, Ben didn't do nothing wrong.
Father, I have a lot Bad done.
Listen, Father. I am sorry for my mistakes.
I had nothing Bad donebut I felt guilty about his death.
"I hadn't done anything wrong"and yet I felt guilty of his death.
I have a lot in life Bad done.
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