Make birds wee

Just in time for the bird wedding: we make pompom birds

I celebrate every ray of sunshine that currently greets us here in Berlin. At the end of January, it feels pretty gray, especially during a pandemic, right? So let's start looking for the first colored blobs in nature and listen to the song of the winter birds! It's great that Karoline Lawson has brought us a very magical and simple DIY including a print template that will give us all a bit of exercise for the hands and at the same time sunshine for the creative mind. I am very happy about this beautiful craft idea for these winter days.

Let's go dear Karoline!

“A bird wanted to make a wedding in the green forest.
Fidiralala, fidiralala, fidiralalalalala! "

Nature is still in hibernation. The trees are bare and the snowflakes are falling. Nevertheless, sparrows, blackbirds and tits scurry cheekily around the bushes and sing their song from the hedge. The beautiful custom of the bird wedding, which happens at the end of January every year, is the inspiration behind my woolly bird DIY.

With a bit of paper, my bird templates, your leftover wool and the wonderful WLKMNDYS handicraft materials you can make a small flock of birds for your home.

Whether hanging freely, in a large bouquet of twigs or by the window, you can design it as you like. We look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Have fun doing handicrafts!




Download the bird templates and print them out on your favorite paper at 100% size. The color of the paper should match your leftover wool.


Cut out all parts of the bird close to the edges. You can cut out the marked holes through which the pom-poms will be inserted with the pointed scissors. Or you can carefully make a cross in the center of the circle with a craft knife to have a start for cutting. Don't worry: cutting out such holes is always a bit tricky, but the edge will be covered by the pompom later anyway.


Fold the two halves of the bird together and glue them together. You do the same with the pairs of wings. If the individual elements do not completely coincide, you can now cut them cleanly.


Start with the individual pompoms. To make them look like belly and wings in the end, wrap each side of the pompom maker with a different color. Of course everything is allowed and you can wrap your little pompoms as you wish.


Carefully and evenly push the pom poms through the pre-cut holes. With a prickle needle you can poke the hole for the suspension and then thread a piece of thread through it.


Now attach the wings with paper glue. Does your bird flutter wildly after an insect or does it glide comfortably through the air?

Now you can hang up your birds and look forward to a twittering spring! Maybe your birds also look like a blackbird groom or a thrush bride? Or do you prefer them very colorful with a shining chest and wild feathers?

Have fun with the bird's eye view!

Idea, implementation and photos: Karoline Lawson @our_wildhood

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