Can 2 souls communicate in their dreams

Do you have to see or know your soul mate personally to know who he is? Are there other connections too?

No, you don't have to see your soul mate to know that it is him or that he is coming into life. And yes, there are other connections.

The communication of soul mates

Since soul mates exist on the soul level, the soul mates can communicate directly from soul to soul, bypassing our conscious mind, so to speak.

What might sound like a nasty scam, is immediately different when you consider that the souls not only communicate with each other in the incarnated life, but also in the times between the incarnations, i.e. in the lives in between. Even communication between an incarnated and a non-incarnated soul is possible.

The communication from soul to soul is responsible for finding soul mates, even if the partners were born in different countries or cultures.

I will write in detail about the communication of souls and soul mates.

This is my soul mate / partner!

A fascinating example is a soul mate who was certain that he would live with a certain person simply because he found out about this strange person in a short message from a friend. Both did not know each other and on top of that they came from different countries.

And it actually happened as one soul mate knew before the two met. They started a family, but initially did not know anything about soul partnerships and it took a long time until these backgrounds became aware.

But communication between souls worked perfectly from the start.

Soul plan for the time of getting to know each other

I am aware of an agreement between two souls to get to know each other personally with the subsequent one common life path of the soul partner only at a more mature age [1]. Both are sure that the souls agreed on the earliest possible point in time, since even a short time earlier they would not have been mature enough to cope with their differences. When the time finally came, everything went like clockwork. But that's what they've been waiting for for over 10 years!

Today they not only enjoy the similarities, but also the differences, through which they can learn a lot.

Insane, as they call it, were their life paths and the coincidences before they got to know each other personally. When they began to tell each other about this time, they knew for sure: These coincidences, which at the same time led them to the one common place of getting to know each other, had been planned well in advance.

So the soul mates had known each other long before the time of personal acquaintance.

Time of birth or death of soul mate

I am aware of a case of a soul mate who left his partner overnight for no apparent reason or omens and never contacted him again. Up to a strange dream of the abandoned soul mate in which the other soul mate apologized decades later.

The dream was very real, that's why it stuck in the memory and after some work on it, the abandoned soul mate realized that his partner was dead. Whether the dream happened at the time of death or later was not relevant to him. It was crucial that the living soul mate was able to let go of the old memories and old grudges.

It can also be the case that a soul mate recognizes when one of his soul mates is just being born. A pair of lovers is not always the plan of souls; perhaps the older soul mate will be asked to mentor the younger or deliver a very important message to him at the appropriate time.

Sad or tragic for people, but also for them Death of a soul mate [2] can be part of the plan of souls.

The time has come!

Soul mates who have agreed to live as lovers, but only in more mature age [1] after some other experiences or relationships: Here it can be that the already free soul partner receives something at the time when the other is also free for the mutual relationship.

This is not a problem at all for the souls. If we are more spiritually mature, then we will also be able to receive something of this soul communication in our consciousness. Or we will stop suppressing it, perhaps out of fear of being considered crazy.

It should be noted that soul communication on the physical level is more a communication of the heart than of the mind. But how often do we destroy these soul signals, since they cannot be explained with the mind?

More connections

Old, experienced soul mates who have already incarnated as Victim and perpetrator [3] as well as when man and woman are behind you, you will perceive other types of connection. We would call it telepathy, maybe also the voice of an angel or soul helper or soul guide (there are, but that later).

This can also express itself in sudden inspirations, which are not your own intuition, but impulses from a soul mate. The soul partner can, but does not have to be, incarnated; the souls can also communicate across the worlds.

But it always applies when such signals are perceived - is it really a soul mate or is it wishful thinking of the mind? We should always exercise this caution.

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