What does angel of death mean

Archangel Azrael - angel of death and rebirth

Archangel Azrael is the "angel of death". His name literally means “God helps”.

Azrael is the one you meet when you are on your deathbed, and he is the one who turns your living form into a body without a soul.

Angel Azrael also helps people who have lost loved ones over the grief and pain they endure.

What does the Archangel Azrael do?

In the world of the archangels, Azrael helps and calms the minds of people who are in such a crisis.

He has the powers of universal healing that people need most of the time when they experience a loss.

Azrael's main purpose is to help individuals transform human life into spiritual life.

His main responsibility is to make sure that the process is as less painful as possible and that less effort is required for a person to transform from the human to the spiritual world.

People return to the spiritual life after their death. It is the duty of the Archangel Azrael to also help them adjust to this new world of eternity.

Death is an experience that is considered very sacred to the heavenly bodies and treated with great honor and respect.

The lessons we learn from the death of a loved one are the lessons of our lives.

Archangel Azrael and the life review

One of the functions of Archangel Azrael is to initiate the spontaneous process of life verification that all human beings experience at the time of their death.

Although this is a process directly related to our passing, it is a fact that life review before our death can be experienced with the help of Archangel Azrael.

Life retrospect is often viewed as the life that simply passes before your eyes at the time of death.

But it is much more than that. Before you were born in the form, your soul set certain goals that you wanted to achieve in this existence.

This is known as your sacred contract and is recorded in the Akashic Protocols.

Archangel Azrael carries your soul to the foot of the divine, and you go through a timeless process in which the existence you have just left is not checked in a critical or judgmental way, but with the eyes of divine, unconditional love.

In this way, all questions from your previous existence will be answered and you will begin the process of deciding the conditions and challenges of your next birth.

Archangel Metatron - Angel of Life

Benefit from the life balance in this life

The archangel Azrael can be called in while you are still alive to help you assimilate the many lessons you have learned in your current existence.

By raising your spiritual energy to a sufficient level, Azrael can help you gain access to the Akasi records that now store your sacred contract and the details of your life review.

If you believe in past and future lives, you can also ask Archangel Azrael for information about your past existences.

Azrael can help those who have increased their energy sufficiently to gain knowledge of their previous existences through the same life review process.

What is Archangel Azrael known for?

Archangel Azrael is well aware of the lessons we learn that include the pain of unforgiveness, guilt, anger, and possible regret from the loss of a loved one.

It is also the responsibility of Archangel Azrael to help those who find it difficult to learn these lessons.

If you help let go of guilt and anger, you will only find peace; and Azrael is always available to help you in this difficult phase of your life.

The angel Azrael is a gentle, loving and kind angel who has been given a hard task that involves a whole range of sorrow and pain.

Therefore, he must have a gentle heart to deal with and guide people's worries.

Archangel Azrael approaches everyone with unconditional love and transfers this love into the hearts of others so that they can feel a little freed from the pain they have to endure.

Azrael helps everyone with the highest good they can and always honors a person's free will.

What does the Archangel Azrael symbolize?

Although Archangel Azrael is the angel of death, he does not know when a person will die and when to use his powers to do it in the least painful way.

Only when it is time for the person to die does God reveal this information to Azrael so that he can begin to find ways to get things done with ease.

At God's command, Angel Azrael separates the soul from the person's body and gives it back to God. Azrael persecutes those who are born every day and those who die every day.

That is why he knows the exact world population every minute. When a new person is born, Archangel Azrael inserts that baby's name on the book he is keeping.

When a person dies, the deceased's name is removed from the book. The book gives an exact number of minutes to minute-by-minute updates of births and deaths.

Grief counselor

Angel Azrael is considered a grief companion. He is also a patron saint of the clergy.

He ensures that the person who is about to die makes peace with God and that the people they leave behind receive the best possible support to help them get through the difficult times they have to go through.

When you have such an experience, believe in Archangel Azrael and pray to him that he will comfort you in the best possible way and bring your mind to peace.

If you are asked for help, Azrael will answer your prayer and help you. Help comes in every form and in every way.

For example, if you find yourself in a situation where you are losing a loved one and you seek help from Archangel Azrael to calm your mind and heart ... you will find that he is helping you in the most unexpected ways.

You may find help in the form of someone who comes to comfort you and manages to do so.

Or you might get help by doing charitable works to distract your mind a little.

Whichever path Azrael chooses for you, it will be the best way to get out of the turmoil you find yourself in.

Archangel Raphael - Angel of Healing

Death and life

Death is an inevitable part of life; therefore God has called this angel to take on this task to help people transform human life into spiritual life.

To take this responsibility wholeheartedly is the duty of the angel Azrael, and he is an expert in it since he is equipped with all the tools he needs; From God.

He will stand by each individual in the process of death, and he will stand by those who suffer the pain of losing a loved one.

You have to believe in Him and His abilities that can help you in a situation in which you cannot help yourself or cannot find help from anywhere.

Relation with Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael, like all angels, is a messenger of God's love. That means you can always get in touch with him if you need help.

There are many reasons to seek help from the Archangel Azrael:

- To comfort the dying

- Give consolation to those who mourn

- To help a friend or loved one who has recently passed away in the transition to the spirit world

- Material and spiritual support for people mourning the loss of a loved one.

- In order to help the grieving and to call on the Archangel Azrael, you must sincerely want to help everyone involved in the situation. To reach out to the Archangel Azrael say the following prayer:

Archangel Azrael, please help and comfort me in this time of need. Lift up my heart with your blessings and help me to heal.

Please help me overcome my grief and grief and connect with my loved one who has gone to Heaven.

(At this point, give Azrael all the details about the situation related to your grief, such as asking Azrael to help the deceased's children and spouse, or soliciting material support from the deceased's family.)

I understand that my loved one is always close to my heart and that you watch over all of us. I thank you for your help - amen

Azrael is a silent and powerful source of comfort for those who have been touched by grief and loss. Call him if you are grieving or worried about someone who recently passed away.