Will the Porsche 911 become electric

Porsche says an all-electric 911 won't happen until 2030

Electrification poses a certain problem for sports cars. Combustion engines have been an integral part of the experience so far, due to the sound, the nature of the power delivery, the mechanical, the rough, you get the point. This will change step by step with the transition to electric sports cars, but apparently not everyone is in the same hurry. Porsche at least seems to have time.

A new report from Autoblog reveals what plans the Zuffenhausen-based company have for the electrification of their lineup, especially in the case of the veteran 911. According to this, fans don't have to worry, at least not so soon. Porsche boss Oliver Blume told the publication that the 911 will definitely keep its internal combustion engines for this decade.

But that does not mean that Porsche will completely omit batteries by then. Blume let it be known that the hybridization of the 911 is already being worked on. Apparently a "very sporty" interpretation of a hybrid, similar to what we know from the Nürburgring record holder 919.

When it comes to a fully electric 911, however, Porsche is apparently in no hurry, if only for reasons of packaging. A large part of the 911 experience is not just the engine itself, but also its location in the vehicle - in the rear. Electric drive trains (mainly the batteries, of course) are often stuck far down between the wheels, which would of course radically change the driving behavior of the 911.

However, if you were to cram all the electronic components into the rear, that wouldn't work either. Blume says "you would then no longer be able to drive the car".

Many manufacturers see the year 2030 as a key date for the transition between cars with internal combustion engines and all-electric vehicles. Volvo and Mini, for example, have already announced that from this year they will no longer produce cars with combustion engines. From the same year Ford does not want to offer any more vehicles with combustion engines in Europe. Other manufacturers will follow suit.

So it goes on with Porsches electrically

Electrification will prevail for better or for worse, and it is doubtful that even a model like the 911 will survive without batteries in the future. It will be exciting to see the concepts that Porsche uses to keep its icon alive.

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