Why is my teacher watching me

Answer from Judith

Dear Luisa

Thank you very much for your email.
Hmm - that sounds a bit complicated, what's going on between your teacher and you. And I don't mean “something's going on”, because I know that it's purely platonic and that no limits are exceeded.

But you still have a relationship with one another that is "exciting".

You know, a mutual interest or a fascination does not always have to be sexual, and it is also not abnormal that you meet someone who touches you without being able to classify it straight away. It seems to me that the teacher likes you, surely notices from your looks and gestures that you find her interesting, and maybe she doesn't know exactly how to deal with it herself. The fact that you are into women makes it a little more complex ... Maybe she knows about it and is just as confused? Teachers are only human and especially young teachers with less professional experience are certainly still looking for themselves to a certain extent.

Anyway, my advice is that you try to enjoy this ambivalence but don't give it too much importance either. You're a good student, so you don't have to worry about grades. It doesn't seem to me that you are suffering from the teacher and her behavior, even if you are confused, so try not to over-analyze that but focus on the class and other things in your life. I am sure you have interests and hobbies :-).

If you feel the need to change something in relation to the teacher, you can gently take the offensive: just smile at her. Greet her, speak to her in the playground. Just a little small talk - that could take away the “weird feeling”.

All the best and best regards,