Boys find pubic hair unattractive in girls

Men Admit: "This Is What We Really Think About Pubic Hair"

Shave or not shave? That is the question. Because many women only shave because they think that the world of men thinks it is better. But how does the stronger sex really rethink Intimate hair in women? The American online lifestyle platform reveals what men have said about it.

Hygiene is the key

Nathan (23): "I think it's more hygienic if women shave themselves or at least trim their pubic hair. I wouldn't feel good either if a woman had to look at me with a complete rainforest. It's just not clean and healthy ... "

Surprises go down well

Thomas (25): "Very bare is good, but it really doesn't matter if a few hidden hairs come to light. That's what makes the surprise!"
Alex (27): "There must be a bit of stubble. That's what makes it exciting!"

Real women instead of little girls

Ryder (26): "I find trimmed and well-groomed pubic hair much sexier than bare hair vagina. Because that is exactly what makes a real woman! In this way she shows that she feels comfortable in her own skin and is self-confident. "

Trust is good, control is better

Jamal (25): "I have to honestly say that I absolutely do not trust women who have completely sworn off pubic hair and are hairless in the genital area. Because I have often had the experience that such women with not only have something going on with a guy ... "


All in all, one can surprisingly find that men are into pubic hair ... at least on a trimmed and well-groomed intimate hairstyle! So girls, don't have a bad feeling if you don't have the time or inclination to shave your intimate areas perfectly.

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