How much does a Gucci t-shirt cost

Gucci shirt wearers, are you all crazy?

It was just after Christmas. My timeline was slowly waking up from hibernation. That's when it appeared. At first sporadically, then more and more often. The Gucci vintage shirt. Did Gucci hand out some shirts for Christmas? Or is a new trend slowly creeping in here? Faded shirts instead of decadence and extravagance? My trend-sacrificial heart saw the shirt, first once, then several times, until it beat hard for it. I am receptive to Instagram trends. Less and less, but still enough. And when you have a lot of time during the holidays, even a little money to spare, you suddenly think: Oh, this shirt is kind of cool. Whether or not everything looks kind of cool when it's photographed under palm trees in Los Angeles is the other question. And my trend sacrifice heart or brain didn't even face that. At least not for the time being.

So I clicked into the online shop. Just take a quick look. Entered Gucci, searched for the shirt. If I hadn't been on my sofa in my Christmas cuddle mode, I swear to you I would have passed out. From shock. As a result of fear. Only because SOLD OUT was emblazoned there. And then because I saw the price. And then somehow because it was SOLD OUT and the price was still blinking. The shirt costs 390 euros. Three hundred and ninety euros. And that was the first time that I screamed really loud into my pillow: "Gucci shirt wearers, have you all gone mad?"

Do not get me wrong. I love fashion. There are an awful lot of items in my closet that cost a fortune. Including many bags, actually almost only bags that my friends knew the price, would certainly be a reason to doubt my sanity. Maybe they do that every now and then. I do that too. But then my heart beats, and my account doesn't hurt, and then things like that happen. There are also trend sacrificial parts, as I lovingly call them. Proenza Schouler PS11 was THE it-piece in 2013. The Celine Trio Bag dangled from every blogger. And the Valentino Bag does not shine as a unique item in fashion blogger circles. Still, I absolutely love her. But I am aware: I probably have someone on the gossip more often. From a fashion point of view.

I also believe that everyone should buy what they want. How he wants. Whenever he wants. Conscious consumption yes, also environmental awareness please. But everyone can spend their money on what they want. One for travel, the other for food, the next for bags, and the next but one for cars. As long as you don't have to choke down spaghetti with tomato sauce for weeks, the money is out. Life is too short.

But, yes, now comes the big little but. The Gucci shirt, I don't understand. So I understand it looks cool. That it looks damn casual. That it might also be a really successful coup from Gucci. Riding on the wave of success from 2015 - straight into 2017. But, my dear fashion friends: The price is really absurd. For a faded, washed-out shirt. The mind has to get involved. And maybe the head of one or the other may tickle briefly in love, but not all of them? If the porters were all sheik daughters or ex-wives of professional footballers, and their biggest concern about which luxury yacht they will be staying in in the near future, I might understand. Or at least not surprise me. But everyone else, dear ones, is crazy.

In the case of designer bags, the argument of investment likes to follow. This may also apply to Chanel bags, but to everyone else, let's be honest, that's the bittersweet justification for our tit in the head. Because I will not save the world and myself with a designer handbag. Of course, there may be an increase in value. I am of course happy to be a pocket fan. It ends with designer shoes. After wearing them three times, the good shoes are no longer an investment, but just worn shoes by designer XY. With a T-shirt, the whole thing doesn't really work anymore. Maybe a limited edition. But let's be honest: the shirt is not bought because it will be sold as expensive as possible in 10 years' time. Only the Yeezy kids do that.

So the design argument? A logo on a white shirt. I like it, but the whole thing is not the incarnation of Yves Saint Laurent's pants suit. It's a logo shirt. A very cool, beautiful logo shirt. But Vans also has them (for 50 euros!) Or Isabel Marant (for 120 euros!). And even 120 euros for a cotton T-shirt is close to the limit. My most expensive designer t-shirt was a T-by-Alexander-Wang shirt I bought on sale. Probably the worst, overrated and most expensive t-shirt of my life. But you know, trend victims. Well, maybe the Gucci shirt is the logo shirt. Still, if we're honest, design arguments somehow don't count either.

So the only argument remains: trend. And in the next move: Image. Branding. Play along with the cool. Count me in. I own the most coveted t-shirt. A comprehensible argument, because we have all been shaped by trends for centuries. The upper mass sets the trends until everyone follows suit. A natural factor that has already stretched from the aristocrats down to the village streets. We all want to play. Dropping us off after even the schoolgirls no longer want a driver's license, but a Gucci handbag. The fashion crowd is looking for the new, unreachable it pieces - and ends up in the absurd.

Because we, I'm talking about Instagram girls, influencer girls and fashion freaks, arouse desires every day and like to suggest that the whole thing is "normal". In 2008 it was still the white tulle skirt from H&M (!), Over the years it became the designer bags. Only once a year, now the It-Bags change the till on a monthly basis. And now the 400 euro shirts. What's next?

To be honest: I'm getting out. It was announced last year, but I'm out now. Dream of fashion, yes! Live fashion, yes! Run fashion madness? No. Let's go out to eat, travel, meet friends, feel the sand under our feet and wear our mommy's old Levis shirt. Priceless moments that no Gucci shirt in the world, no matter how beautiful, is worth for 3 weeks in the Instagram feed.

But maybe I'm wrapped in the wrong way and therefore really ask the group: Does an argument give me an argument that the tshirt is worth 390 euros and that it is not just an I-want-to-be-part? Because that, dear people, is somehow 2015.