Why isn't my iPhone screen spinning?

iPad / iPhone iPhone screen won't spin - you can do that


On all iOS-based mobile devices from Apple, the screen can rotate automatically when the device is tilted. If this no longer works, the accidental activation of the alignment lock is often to blame. How to deactivate this again and what you can do if the screen still does not rotate is explained below.

Disable orientation lock

  1. Open that control center Of your iPhone. With the iPhone X you have to do this from top right to bottom left to brush. For all other iPhones you have to go from bottom of the screen up wipe.
  2. Now check if that Lock symbol with a round arrow therefore in red is shown. If it is displayed in red, tap on itso that it is no longer colored red. The alignment lock is now deactivated.

What else can you do?

Some apps leave you alone no automatic screen rotation to. Use another app to see if the rotation works again. The Notes app is also suitable for this purpose, for example.

If this doesn't work, sometimes a Restart of the iPhone eliminate the problem. If that doesn't help either, you should contact Apple Support.