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Earning money with Facebook: 5 ways

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Make money with Facebook? This is not rocket science! In this article, we want to show you how you can make money with the help of Facebook in 5 different ways. Everything is included for everything from “child's play” to “highly demanding”.


  • Preparatory know-how: you should know that!
  • Do you advertise or sell yourself?
  • Range: the more, the better!
  • Reach on Facebook
  • Build reach
  • Earning money with Facebook: 5 ways
  • Option no.1:
  • Option no. 2: eBay affiliate program
  • Option no. 3: Earn money with your own homepage
  • Variant No. 4: Amazon
  • Variant no. 5: Earn money with likes

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Earn money with Facebook:

Preparatory know-how: you should know that!

If you want to make money on the Internet, you first need a little basic understanding of the subject. There are certain rules, so to speak, by which the game is played. These rules describe how to make money on the internet.

Of course there will certainly be a few exceptions for people who make money on the Internet in other ways - but if you follow these simple rules, you will certainly make a good income quickly.

Do you advertise or sell yourself?

If you want to make money on the Internet, you have a few different options.

This can be easily divided into two categories:

  • 1. You advertise for others
  • 2. you sell yourself

Basically, money only arises when something is sold. The money has to change hands, so to speak. In order for that to happen, you can either become a seller yourself, or you can help other people sell their things and receive money in return. Advertising is a pretty good thing on the internet. Most Facebook earnings also use this variant.

One thing does not exclude the other: You can of course advertise yourself - but in the end, of course, that also leads to the sale of your own products.

Range: the more, the better!

A special magic word on the Internet is the word “reach”. Reach simply means that what you do reaches as many people as possible.

Example: The more people see your advertisement, the higher the chance that it will end up being sold.

So, to a certain extent, more reach also means more earnings. At least if you do it well.

Reach on Facebook

With Facebook, reach would mean that you can reach as many people as possible with one post, for example. Let's assume you want to publish an advertising article - then of course it is important that as many people as possible see this article. If nobody sees the post, then you could actually save it.

With a lot of friends or followers, however, you increase the likelihood that your posts will be seen. This allows more people to react to your ad and, in the end, more can "happen". That, in turn, ultimately means more earnings for you.

Build reach

This should not be part of the article - but we would like to briefly point out that no one is born with a lot of reach. Everyone has to build their own reach. The possibilities for this as well as helpful tips and tricks can be found everywhere on the Internet ...

Earning money with Facebook: 5 ways

Now we come to the 5 variants with which you can earn money with the help of Facebook:

Option no.1: is a website that regularly posts new funny and entertaining images. This is a free website where visitors can always find the latest entertaining pictures from the internet. However, this page is not only good for laughing, but also for making money with the help of Facebook ...

How do you make money with offers a profitable affiliate program with which you can regularly earn some extra money as a visitor to the site. The social network Facebook is used as the basis for the whole:

For every picture from that you share on your Facebook page, you get a nice extra income. Earning depends on how many people clicked on the link by sharing and got to the Funcloud page.

Simply explained: Imagine browsing and seeing a funny picture that you then share on Facebook. Now some of your friends click on the link you shared and get to Funcloud, where they can also see the funny picture. You will receive a credit for each of the people who came to Funcloud through your shared link.

Is this really possible?

In fact, it is very easy to measure and understand on the Internet from where and by whom users switch to a page. It can therefore be checked with absolute precision how many people have found thanks to your post on Facebook.

Why is there money for sharing pictures?

There are different marketing strategies on the internet. In the end, what counts is often high visitor numbers. Normally, Funcloud could, for example, place expensive advertising directly on Facebook - but the approach described above also helps Funcloud to attract new visitors.

Instead of paying Facebook a lot of money for marketing, Funcloud simply pays its users the money when they successfully share the content on their profiles.

What can you earn?

For 1,000 clicks generated by sharing on Facebook, you earn 3.90 euros. Then you also earn money for each referred partner: if you recruit a person, for example, and they generate clicks by sharing the images, you receive 4 percent of their profits.

A payout takes place weekly, from an amount of 50 euros.

You can then have the money paid out in one of the following three variants:

  • Amazon voucher
  • PayPal, transaction
  • Bank Transfer

How do I register?

The registration on Funcloud is quite simple: Just create a user account and get started! The registration button can be found on the homepage of the fun portal.

Tips and Tricks

If you want to save yourself the constant sharing on Facebook, offers the possibility to automatically share pictures at fixed time intervals.

This completely relieves you of the work involved in sharing. Of course, the earnings for each click on the personal account will continue to be counted and credited.

Who is this Facebook variant particularly interesting for?

The more followers or friends you have, the better! If you then post something or share a picture from Funcloud, you will get a lot more clicks on it. This also automatically earns you more.


You definitely won't get rich with this variant. Even with 1,000 clicks on a link, you can earn just under 4 euros. Earning this from Facebook is only worthwhile if the sharing of the images is automated and you don't always have to strive to share the images yourself.

Option no. 2: eBay affiliate program

The next possibility to earn money with Facebook is the auction portal eBay. The auction portal has an affiliate program that allows you to advertise eBay by sharing ads on your Facebook page.

How do you make money with the eBay Affiliate Program?

Here, too, it's basically about promoting eBay: By sharing auctions on Facebook and showing them to your friends and followers, you can help eBay win new potential customers. In return, you receive a share in the generated sales.

Is this really possible?

It's very simple: if one of the Facebook friends clicks on an ad you have shared, the eBay affiliate program can recognize that the new visitor was generated by you. This means that you are also designated as a commission recipient if the visitor buys something on eBay.

Why is there money for sharing eBay items?

EBay is also always on the lookout for new visitors and ultimately for people who buy from the auction portal. That is why eBay started its partner program: With the help of Facebook, new visitors to eBay should be found.

And so that Facebook users have an incentive to share interesting eBay articles, there is a commission for every purchase made by their own friends, provided that they have found their way to eBay via the shared post.

What can you earn?

That always depends on how much money the referred Facebook friends or followers buy from eBay. The more you spend, the better it is for you!

How do I register?

Simply register with the eBay partner program and regularly post interesting eBay links on Facebook.

Tips and Tricks

If you post eBay auctions and offers on Facebook in order to earn money, the goal is that as many friends as possible visit the auction portal and bid or buy there. To do that, you should definitely post with uniqueness. For example, funny things or objects that are really trendy right now and tempt you to click.

Think also in a target group-oriented way: What could be of particular interest to your friends or fans? Nice shoes? Sporting goods? Decoration bargain?

Good to know: What is particularly nice about this variant, by the way, is that participation in a campaign is counted: This means that the campaign does not necessarily have to end on the same day - even if the auction does not end for 20 days, for example, you as the "broker" get a participation on the proceeds.

Who is this Facebook variant particularly interesting for?

For the eBay variant, too, it is advisable to have as many friends and Facebook fans as possible. Because the more friends see the offers shared on Facebook, the higher the probability that a lot of sales will happen.

Conclusion eBay

The affiliate program is a nice idea as a credit to Facebook. Even with this variant you can certainly not earn any riches - but it can always be a nice extra income.

Option no. 3: Earn money with your own homepage

Now comes a particularly nice variant: You can also earn money on the Internet with your own homepage. Thousands of bloggers and website owners prove that this variant is possible. Everyone starts small - and if you stay on the ball long enough and choose a strategy that inspires people, you won't have to wait long for the first earnings.

How do you earn money with your own homepage and Facebook?

The keyword is advertising. If you don't run a shop and sell your own products or those of others on your own site, you usually have to advertise other companies in order to earn money. The following applies: the more visitors you have on your own site, the more money can be earned with advertising.

Once the page is ready, you can use your Facebook profile to share your own page with your friends. For example, by writing interesting posts on the page and then sharing them with your Facebook friends and followers. Friends and followers can then see your shared page in the news feed and click on it if they are interested. Facebook users will then be directed to your site.

Is this really possible?

Clear! Advertising can be found all over the Internet. It's not just large Internet companies that display advertisements from other companies on their websites - smaller websites also sell advertising space in order to make money.

Why do you get money for advertising?

Every spot that is on television pays well. The companies that book the advertising spend enormous sums of money to be introduced to the general public in a good sport. Ultimately, this should in turn increase sales for the advertised company.

We summarize: Various companies want to be advertised and are willing to pay large sums for it. Even small website operators can place advertisements and earn money in this way.

What can you earn?

As is so often the case, the basic rule is: the more visitors there are on your website, the better! Because the more people see the advertisement, the more valuable the advertising space on your website becomes.

How do you build your own website?

It is important that you first think of a good topic with which you want to fill your website. For example, there are fashion or travel blogs that regularly publish news about fashion and travel.

To stay with the example: fashion blogs particularly attract those interested in fashion, probably younger people. Companies from the fashion industry would very likely also offer themselves as advertising. In the case of travel blogs, however, travel portals would very likely be the better customers.

Tips and Tricks

Happy and fun content works best! What is particularly popular with Facebook is what puts you in a good mood. You should always keep this in mind when choosing the content you want to share on Facebook. And if you also share something really extraordinary, your friends and followers will also share the content via your Facebook account. This is how you get a good multiplier.

Who is this Facebook variant particularly interesting for?

Anyone who likes to try out their own ideas and can work independently in a disciplined manner should definitely take a closer look at this variant.

Conclusion own website

This variant is particularly interesting for creative minds. In addition, your own website can be used for much more than just an opportunity to earn income with Facebook. You can generate visitors through many other channels and thus generate far more advertising income.

Variant No. 4: Amazon

This variant works very similarly to the eBay variant. Only is not an auction platform, but a kind of gigantic shop. Here, too, the aim is to use your Facebook channel to encourage friends or followers to browse Amazon for interesting products.

How do you make money with Amazon?

The best thing to do is to regularly post links to interesting or wacky Amazon products on your Facebook profile. If a Facebook friend or fan clicks on the link, goes to Amazon and then decides to buy something, you earn 5 to 7 percent of the sales price!

Is this really possible?

Yes, because Amazon is also interested in ensuring that as many people as possible become potential buyers.

Why do you get money for advertising?

For advertising for Amazon with your own Facebook page, you receive a profit share in return.

What can you earn?

5 to 7 percent of the selling price is a lot of gravel - especially when it comes to large and expensive items! The more people find through the links shared, the better for you. The total amount of purchases made by your own fans and friends also determines how much you earn.

How do I register?

Amazon also has a special partner program with which the sales portal can track exactly who the visitors are from. If you are registered in the partner program with your Facebook page, all Amazon visitors who have visited the portal through your Facebook page will also be counted as referred buyers for you. For each of the purchases that people make, Amazon gives you a share of the sales.

Tips and Tricks

And here, too, range means number of strokes! Many Facebook friends or fans are of course better than a few. Make sure that you draw attention to yourself with interesting means, for example by sharing unusual or meaningful products on your page. If you are dealing with a special topic that gives you a lot of fans, then you should definitely be able to find this topic in the products. In this way, you can address your target group much more skilfully!

Who is this Facebook variant particularly interesting for?

Since it is about a lot of reach, this variant is also particularly useful for people who have a lot of Facebook friends and followers. The more you have, the greater the chances of getting a good salary.

Conclusion Amazon partner program

This possibility turns out to be particularly strong as the profit sharing is quite high.

Variant no. 5: Earn money with likes

Now there is still a really crazy possibility: You can earn money with Facebook, for example, by giving other sites your "Like". So: just like different Facebook pages and earn money with them.

How do you make money with likes?

There are various agencies and platforms that you can log into and link to your Facebook profile. Then different pages are suggested that you can like.You get a sum of money credited for each like.

Is this really possible?

Likes are valuable, especially for large companies that want to have a successful Facebook presence. The Facebook likes have a trustworthy effect on the visitors. We think: a company that has a lot of Facebook likes has to be good.

And conversely, the companies also know that they have to have a lot of likes so that they can appear representative and trustworthy to the visitor.

Companies now have a number of options for getting likes: You can, for example, place advertising directly on Facebook. This is very expensive and does not guarantee that many people will actually like the site. The other option is to buy likes outside of Facebook. Facebook doesn't like this, but it is still a common practice.

Why do you get money for your like?

Likes cost money either way. Without any financial means, it will be quite difficult to get a lot of likes at some point. The agencies that sell Facebook Likes give their members a small reward for every Like they place with their clients.

What can you earn?

Of course, you can't earn a lot of money with a single like, but like for like generally a small sum comes together, which turns out to be nice extra income.

How do I register?

On the agency pages, you simply link your user profile with your Facebook profile and you can start distributing likes. The sites Facebooktausch24 and Facebook-likes-buy are particularly well-known. The registration is completely uncomplicated and of course absolutely free of charge.

Who is this Facebook variant particularly interesting for?

While you need as many fans or Facebook friends as possible on your profile for most of the other variants, this variant only requires a completely normal Facebook profile. the number of friends or fans does not matter.

Conclusion selling likes

Registration is quick and easy - anyone with a Facebook account can earn money with this option. The disadvantage is that Facebook is extremely critical of the companies that provide likes. But that ultimately remains the problem for those who buy the likes.

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