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OpenSAF Foundation established

Some large providers in the telecommunications sector have founded the OpenSAF Foundation to develop the project of the same name.

The open source project OpenSAF, which aims to create a highly available environment in accordance with the standards of the Service Availability Forum (SA Forum), was started in March 2007 by Motorola. According to the announcement at the time, the initiative, which is based on Carrier Grade Linux, was supported by Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel, OKI and Siemens. Other manufacturers such as MontaVista, Interphase and Wind River wanted to provide support.

The source code of the project is now available for free download in version 1.0.5. The LGPLv2.1 was chosen as the license. The biggest contributors to the initiative are likely to have been Motorola and Ericsson. Motorola had announced that it would contribute its "NetPlane Core Service (NCS)" software.

Now Emerson Network Power (formerly the department for embedded systems of Motorola), Ericsson, HP, Nokia Siemens Networks and Sun Microsystems have placed the further funding of the project in the hands of the newly established OpenSAF Foundation. Membership of the Foundation is open to all organizations interested in the further development or widespread use of OpenSAF.

The present implementation of OpenSAF should meet the Application Interface Specification (AIS) of the SA Forum and also conform to the requirements of the SCOPE Alliance. The six services defined by the SA Forum, »Availability Management Framework«, Cluster Membership Service, Message Service, Lock Service, Event Service and Checkpoint Service are available for high-availability clusters. A number of additional services are also implemented. Further services that are required for the use and administration of the software are still to be developed.

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