What do Americans think of Mr Bean

Celebrity Birthday January 6, 2019: Rowan Atkinson

Berlin (dpa) - He had made himself rare for a long time, but then he came back to the big screen in autumn last year. British comedian Rowan Atkinson has slipped back into the role of Johnny English, the last secret agent who can save the United Kingdom.

In Germany the James Bond satirical "Johnny English - You only live three times" conquered the top of the cinema charts straight away, but could only stay there for a short time. Nevertheless, a successful comeback for the jester star, who has apparently lost neither his comic talent nor his perfect timing. Today he is 64 years old.

Born on January 6, 1955 in north-east England, the youngest of four brothers, Atkinson started making faces in front of the mirror at an early age, as he revealed to the American "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert in October. He has long since perfected this art. He usually doesn't need a lot of words to be funny. He got the nickname "Rubber Face" for a reason, for him facial expressions and posture come first. This applies not least to his star role, the weird eccentric Mr. Bean, whom he has played over and over again since the early 1990s. Slapstick in TV series snacks - and later as specials in the cinema.

Will there also be a reunion with Mr. Bean, who steps from one faux pas to the next and leaves a terrific chaos wherever he appears (he has that in common with Johnny English, by the way). "I don't want to rule it out completely," he said in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung last year. But he no longer feels young enough to play the character "without it being embarrassing". And above all: "To see Mr. Bean age would be kind of dreary and depressing."

The former Oxford graduate, who first wanted to become an electrical engineer, began his career in the late 1970s as a member of the ensemble on the comedy show "Not The Nine O'Clock News". From 1982 he was seen in the sitcom "Blackadder" in the title role. His appearances in the Bond film "Never Say Never" (with Sean Connery, 1983) and the comedy film "Four Weddings and a Funeral" (with Hugh Grant, 1994) are unforgettable.

He made generations of viewers laugh with his skits. He himself enjoys cutting films and adding sound and music to them. On the other hand, he doesn't like turning at all. "I'm someone who - probably like many people in my industry - finds making films incredibly stressful and not at all pleasant," Atkinson told the New York Times in the fall. "Whatever I do, I think it could be better. I'm notorious for always wanting another try - and another and another. Sometimes that's good, but very often it's counterproductive. " Besides, he doesn't watch his own films either. "I'm generally not a fan of my own work," the funny Brit recently told the German press agency.

In 2015, Atkinson divorced makeup artist Sunetra Sastry after 25 years. Since 2014 he has been in a relationship with the actress Louise Ford, who is almost 30 years younger than him. The couple have a young child and Atkinson also have a daughter and a son, both of whom have now grown up from their marriage.