Which animals can cross with each other?

Can you cross different species of animals with each other?

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Can someone help me with these tasks?

Explain the statement “Like creates like, but not exactly”.

What I think:

-Not identical cells, so if you have siblings that you don't look exactly the same or something ... So you look similar but not exactly the same.

In the front garden there are two “miracle plants” that bear delicious fruits. You know from the nursery that these are pure-breeding varieties. One plant has red fruits that are surrounded by a shell. The other plant produces yellow fruits without a shell. They cross the two plants with each other, and the F1 generation has nothing but coated red fruits.

In the second step you cross the plants of the F1 generation with each other and sow the seeds. When harvesting, you count the F2 generation: You have 92 "miracle plants" with coated red berries and 27 plants that bear yellow fruits without a skin.

a) Analyze the inheritance and give reasons for your considerations.

b) Check which Mendel’s rules can be applied to this inheritance and draw the intersection schemes. Use the following letters: R / r = color of the fruit, H / h = shell

c) By chance you discover two plants at the very edge of the bed that have red fruits without a cover or yellow ones with a cover. Explain the new combinations.

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