What are your favorite Star Trek podcasts

German-language Star Trek podcasts - a list

How German Star Trek Podcasts give fans a voice.

For five decades there has now been the "Star Trek“- Franchise. Hardly any series can boast such a loyal and active fan base as Star Trek. In the beginning there were little geeky conventions, but fanzines and fan fiction were added very quickly. The spectrum of the media became wider and wider and fans could let off steam to their heart's content in fan magazines, from fan films to flamewares.

In the 90s, the first digital offers (in addition to games) came in the form of fan websites. At the beginning of the 2000s, a medium began to become increasingly popular among Trekkies: Star Trek Podcasts

We at nerdicism also regularly talk about Star Trek in our podcast. With the German Star Trek podcast “Trek Nerds” we have been going from the start of the series Star Trek Discovery regularly with reviews, recaps and analyzes on the air. With the new CBS All Access or Amazon Prime series all around Jean-Luc Picard it goes on and of course we also discuss the second animated Star Trek series "Lower decks“.


Do you already know Trek Nerds, the German Star Trek Podcast? Then take a look at our podcast archive and find your favorite episode:

Star Trek: Discovery
Star Trek: Picard
All Star Trek Podcast episodes


We at Trek Nerds are characterized by opinionated discussions, biting recaps and provocative questions. We do not hold back with our opinion, but always try to remain fair and balanced. We are happy to work out the good and bad sides of a series. We are particularly happy when our listeners are part of the discussion. But guests also keep having their say. No matter if we are withProf. Dr. Metin Tolan on the physics in Star Trek rant or talk to other podcast presenters live on stage via "Toxic fandom“Speak, we nerdizists speak as fans for fans.

Working on the microphone also made us part of the German Star Trek community and that's pretty much the best thing about being a podcaster. Because at conventions such as FedCon, we Trek Nerds design part of the stage program. Whether it's a nerd quiz or a talk show, we're always supported by other German Star Trek podcasts. Podcast makers who have since become good friends.

The Star Trek Podcast Friends of the Trek Nerds

But not only we talk about infinite expanses, so we would like to introduce you to our nerdy podcast friends and warmly recommend them (in alphabetical order):

The neck of the data:

What would this show be without Felo's jaw harp? Maybe just a podcast with a strange name. Fortunately, there are still Thure, Tanja and Markus. Four of you nerd about Star Trek in free speech for many hours. When the nerdizists' throats get sore, the data fans have just warmed up. A talk podcast in the best sense of the word. In addition, no FedCon would be complete without this wonderful group.


Discovery Panel:

Sebastian Sonntag and Andreas Dohm only wanted to talk about Star Trek every now and then. The result is a friendly, personable talk channel that likes to digress, forgets names and yet is always fun. In addition, Admin Bernd makes every effort to keep the technology running.
In addition, the two voices are regular guests in other nerdzism shows. We talked to Sebastian about “Das Boot” and Andreas helps out in our “The Walking Dead” podcast “Dead Nerds Talking” and at conventions.


Federation Cast:

When Eric and Daniel step up to the microphone, Rheinhessen cheers. In a sympathetic dialect, the two have been diving into the Star Trek fandom since 2017. Her daily reports from FedCon and Co are a must for all those who stayed at home and for visitors. Whether straight from the hotel room or slightly hungover at the breakfast table, the two of them carry the fan heart in the right place. Authentic and refreshingly honest. The two of them have the peace and quiet and only discuss Picard and the like when all the other podcasts have already been exhausted.



Trek on Tuesday:

What to say about two people who revived their friendship over Star Trek? Actually only the best and that's why we're happy every week when Simon and Sebastian (not Sunday) examine an episode of Star Trek in their podcast from cover to cover. Launched in 2017 and hopefully on the air until 2035, fans can hear everything about TOS, TNG, the Star Trek films and soon Deep Space Nine. A mammoth project that is lived with a lot of passion. The nerdizists also like to reminisce with both moderators, especially about Bud Spencer and Terence Hill


Voyager again:

What could be better than having your own family nerdy? Just! And because the nice Martha and her brother Jakob are real Trekkies, you can listen to these humorous siblings during the rewatch of Voyager. Voyager again. The duo didn't want to go into nostalgia and that's why they are currently watching Discovery. Rumor has it that the two of them are just not doing a podcast on Star Trek Picard because they haven't come up with a suitable alliteration. Until then, you can still find a lot of interesting information about sci-fi books, films and games on the website.


Of course there are many, many more great Star Trek and Sci-Fi podcasts in the endless expanse of the Internet. But our day only has 24 hours and we just can't hear everything - even if we'd like to. Therefore, the PlanetTrekFM, Chateau Picard and The Third Power should not go unmentioned at this point. For those who can speak English, we recommend Mission Log and Women at Warp.

Which podcasts do you listen to and why? How do podcasts enrich your existence as a Star Trek fan? Do you also run a podcast or would you like to be a guest in one?

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