A square can be called a rectangle


Definition: Under a square one understands a flat square with four right angles and sides of equal length.

In particular, a square is a rectangle and a rhombus at the same time, so the diagonals bisect each other and are perpendicular to each other. Each diagonal divides the square into two isosceles right triangles. According to the Pythagorean Theorem, the length of the diagonal in a square is the length of the edge

A square has four reflection axes, namely its center lines, which are the straight lines connecting the centers of opposite sides and the two diagonals. There is also a center of symmetry, the intersection of these reflection axes. There is a 90 turn around this centerO possible.

The area of ​​the square results in

The shape of a square is clearly defined, so if you disregard the size there is only one square. If you connect the middle of two sides of a square next to each other, you get a "pointed" square of the edge length. So the square is dual to itself. A square turned upside down in this way is sometimes also referred to as a Diamonds.